D’Andrea Ceasar

D’Andrea CeasarName: D’Andrea Ceasar
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Year in Medical School: MS2
Undergraduate School: Baylor University

D’Andrea Ceasar is a second-year medical student from Houston, Texas. Ceasar currently serves as vice president of the Women’s Health Interest Group and the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, as well as the SNMA liaison for Minority Advancement in Medicine, head girl for the Academic Houses of Success and is a peer tutor. She completed her undergraduate studies at Baylor University and her main research interests are maternal mortality rates and pre-mature birth rates among African American women.

Do you serve on any student interest groups/organizations/activities? If so, which one(s)?
Vice President of Women’s Health Interest group, Vice President Emergency Medicine Interest Group, SNMA Liaison for Minority Advancement in Medicine, Head Girl for the Academic Houses of Success, Peer Tutor

What inspired you to become a doctor? When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?
I have known I wanted to be a doctor since I was a little girl. My love of science and medicine pushed me to find a career that would allow to pursue that while also helping others. After my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, and I was able to see how important it is to love what you do and keep the patient first, I knew that becoming a physician was the career path for me.

Why did you choose UTRGV School of Medicine?
I wanted to attend a school that would help mold me into the type of physician that I wanted to be. Underserved communities and health in minority populations are also important to me, so attending a school where that was a priority was extremely important to me. UTRGV School of Medicine fit the core values I was looking for in my medical school education, and I am truly blessed to be able to complete my medical education here.

What specialties of medicine interest you the most? Why?
Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine probably interest me the most at this moment, but I am still leaving myself open to other specialties especially going into third year. Anesthesia because I really enjoy the physiology and pharmacology that is involved. Emergency Medicine because I enjoy the environment, and this is where I can appeal to the side of me that loves medicine and procedures.

What areas of research interest you the most? Why?
The areas of research that interest me the most are those that focus on African American maternal mortality and pre-mature birth rates, and how, regardless of education or socioeconomic status, we are still the highest at risk. Being an African American woman myself this is something I am truly passionate about because it hits so close to home.

How has the UTRGV School of Medicine fostered your interests in pursuing a career in medicine?
UTRGV SOM gives me the avenue to not only pursue positions of leadership, but also the ability to provide patient care in underserved areas. My interest in medicine started because I wanted to help people through medicine, which is my passion, and UTRGV SOM gives me that opportunity.

Tell me about the summer about your first and second year of medical school. Did you engage in any interesting research?
The summer between first and second year I participated in two preceptorships. One in family medicine and one in pediatrics. I truly enjoyed those preceptorships because I got a lot of hands-on experience in taking patient histories, performing physical exams, and learning how to present a patient to my attending.

What is one interesting fact others might not know about you that you are willing to share?
I can’t whistle.