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Student Organization President Email Designation
Emergency Medicine Interest Group Rudy Singleterry SIG
Military Medicine Joy Alvarado  SIG
Ophthalmology Interest Group Aaron Gomez  SIG
Neurology and Psychiatry Interest Group Annalisa Lopez  SIG
Valley Christian Fellowship Kathy Lutchi  SIG
Radiology Interest Group Sravani Mannuru SIG
Surgery Interest Group Madeline Huff SIG
Family Medicine Interest Group Nery Guerrero SIG
Student Initiative in Medical Simulation Cleo Desmedt  SIG
Internal Medicine Interest Group  Daniella Concha  SIG
Public Health Interest Group Nelson Gonzalez  SIG
Latino Medical Student Association Leslie Ocampo  SIG
Anesthesiology Interest Group Jared Eaves  SIG
Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Interest Group Zach Donoviel  SIG
LGBTQIA and Allies in Health Gabriel Franklin  SIG
Pediatric Interest Group Mattie Lastovica  SIG
Women's Health Interest Group Mallory Ogburn  SIG
Minority Advancement in Medicine Jewel Udenwagu SIG
Student Ambassadors Colton Wayne  Community Affairs
Student Run Clinic Sravani Mannuru  Community Affairs
TMA/AMA Patrick Ojeaga  Community Affairs
Academic Houses for Success Elif Duran  Community Affairs
Catholic Medical Association Rogelio Mendoza Club









Professional Organizations for Medical Students

The School of Medicine supports student participation in national medical organizations. These national organizations provide forums for addressing the educational, social and political concerns of medical students.

Specialty Career Advisors

Specialty Career Advisors
Department Career Advisor Email
Anesthesiology Dr. Ricardo Salinas
Dermatology Dr. Marie Villegas
Emergency Medicine Dr. Maxwell Falkoff
Family Medicine Dr. Evan Perez
Genetics Dr. Lizbeth Mellin
Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Dr. Surya Mulukutla
Medicine Dr. Henry Kwang
Neurological Surgery Dr. Michael Burke
Neurology Dr. Randy Williamson
Obstetrics-Gynecology Dr. Saul Rivas
Ophthalmology Dr. Victor Gonzalez
Orthopedics Dr. Michael Sander
Otolaryngology Dr. Nausheen Jamal
Pathology Dr. Timothy Loy
Pediatrics Dr. Lori Berry
Plastic Surgery Dr. Paul Berry
Psychiatry Dr. Michael Escamilla
Radiation Oncology Dr. Benjamin West
Radiology Dr. Jay Radhakrishnan
Physical Medicine and Rehab Dr. Cynthia Garcia
Surgery Dr. Minerva Romero Arenas
Urology Dr. James Sander

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Opportunities and Beyond

UTRGV SOM is always looking for opportunities that suit each student's interests and availability. Please email Dr. Cristel Escalona with any additional research training opportunities that should be listed on this page.