Residency Prep

Preparing for Residency Applications and Interviews

Strengthen Your Application

  • Craft a personal statement that differentiates you positively from the pack.
  • Collect letters of recommendation that clearly convey each writer’s up-close experience working with you as well as their strong support for your candidacy.
  • Polish your digital image, which programs may use to learn more about you.


AAMC Prepare Your Application

Kaplan Residency Application Advice from Program Directors

Kaplan Application Process and Screening Candidates Program Director Panel

Kaplan Program Director Insights: Becoming a Top Residency Applicant

Top 10 Things Residency Programs Wish You Knew about the MATCH

Identify Residency Programs that Best Fit You

  1. Use your school alumni and other networks to learn more about different training paths and the opportunities they lead to in your desired specialty.
  2. Clarify and prioritize what you want from your residency training so you can identify the programs that will support these education and career goals.
  3. Thoroughly research residency programs, even with limited or no access to programs in-person.
  4. Determine how many and which programs to apply to.

Additional Resources

AAMC Choose Residency Programs


Appointments are available through Handshake for curriculum vitae reviews, personal statement reviews, and mock interviews.

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