Faculty Development Videos

"Online Flipped Classroom" by Dr. Karina Madrigal

Have you heard? The latest trend in pedagogy is turning the traditional classroom structure upside down. This faculty development session provides faculty with the fundamentals and best practices needed to successfully flip an online classroom.

Design your own online flipped classroom with the Online Flipped Classroom Template.

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"Curriculum Evaluation" by Mónica Jean Alaniz-McGinnis, PhD

This presentation will cover the types of evaluations that are conducted in the School of Medicine through the office of Evaluation, Assessment, & Quality Improvement. Information regarding how these evaluations are conducted, how the information is collected and disseminated, and what it is used for will be shared.

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"Online Teaching Best Practices" by Dr. Karina Madrigal

We understand the challenges of transitioning to online teaching and sustaining meaningful engagement. This faculty development session provides faculty with teaching tips for creating engaging online learning experiences. Learn more about the best practices and pedagogical tools available for teaching online.

Watch the Online Teaching Best Practices video training presented by Dr. Karina Madrigal.

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"Curriculum Design" by Dr. Karina Madrigal

What goals do you have for your students? What is it that you want them to know - and what do you want them to be able to do - by the time they've finished your class/course? This faculty development session offers a planning process and structure to guide curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Design your own curriculum with the template provided. 

Watch the Curriculum Design video training presented by Dr. Karina Madrigal.

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"Taking Clerkship Online" by Dr. Beatriz Tapia & Ms. Kathleen Carter, MLIS, AHIP

This faculty development session is composed of two parts; Part 1 will provide you with Teaching Tips to convert your traditional didactic session into an active learning session using small group discussions. Part 2 will provide you with current UTRGV Library Resources to enhance your teaching techniques and methods for medical education learning.

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