Welcome to the South Texas Diabetes & Obesity Institute

The South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute was established on October 13, 2014 to be a focus for world-class biomedical research programs at the newly established UTRGV School of Medicine. With diverse research efforts in the areas of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, ocular health, psychiatric disease, osteoporosis, and infectious diseases of border health relevance such as Chagas disease and tuberculosis, the STDOI is working to address the most critical public health problems of the South Texas region.


The mission of the South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute (STDOI) is to advance the health of South Texas and the world through cutting-edge research on diabetes, obesity, and related disorders. Using state-of-the-art resources and tools, the faculty and staff of the STDOI conduct research on a broad range of diseases and conditions related to diabetes and obesity. Building on a long history of work with minority populations and international research, STDOI scientists are committed to reducing health disparities in the Rio Grande Valley and to improving health across the globe.


The South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute will:

  • Build a global Center for research on the genetic factors influencing diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and related disorders;
  • Conduct innovative research on minority health and border health issues;
  • Make discoveries, which ultimately will yield new cures and treatments that will improve health in South Texas and throughout the world.
  • Create state of the art resources and capabilities to support research on diabetes, obesity and related disorders.

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Sarah Williams-Blangero, PhD

Sarah Williams-Blangero, PhD