Chair's Welcome

Michael Escamilla, MD

Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley and to our Department of Psychiatry! The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is the first major university started in the United States in the 21st Century. Although a new university and medical school, it is built from undergraduate and graduate schools that have been in the Rio Grande Valley for decades. Our school serves an extended metropolitan region of over 1.3 million and serves as a major driver for education and health care for this unique border population.

Our Psychiatry Residency is a new one, with our first group of Residents having started in 2017. Our faculty include clinicians and researchers with expertise in Adult and Child Psychiatric disorders, Consult Liaison Psychiatry, Psychiatric Genetics, and the Neurology/Psychiatry interface. Residents have the opportunity for close supervision and training experiences in a variety of settings, from our work at the Rio Grande State Hospital and Tropical Texas Mental Health Centers, to our own psychiatric clinic, regional hospitals, and affiliated schools. Our residents learn in an environment that covers the breadth of psychiatric treatments, from psychotherapies to medication to somatic and neuromodulation (trans cranial magnetic stimulation) treatments. We teach a Recovery oriented approach to overcoming mental health challenges. Residents also have the opportunity to work on research projects in collaboration with our faculty and with faculty from the school of public health, from basic neuroscience to clinical and behavioral research.

The Rio Grande Valley is a great place to learn psychiatry, in a population that is highly appreciative of what we bring to it, with the opportunity to focus on different aspects of modern psychiatry, in a holistic and recovery oriented manner. We hope you will come visit us or join us and discover this wonderful region of the world.

Michael Escamilla, MD
Professor and Chair
Department of Psychiatry
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine