Grants Accounting Services

Services performed for day to day transactions for Restricted Cost Centers charged to Grants Accounting:

  • Set up of award/project (including budget) upon the receipt of the Notice of Award from the Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Process budget amendments (increase in award/project)
  • Approve iShop travel requisitions and travel vouchers
  • Approve iShop purchase requisitions
  • Approve credit card purchases
  • Approve and process inter departmental transfers
  • Approve Scholarships   
  • Approve Personnel Costs for Faculty charged to restricted cost centers via the Personnel Action Forms (PAF) through PeopleSoft 9.2
  • Approve Personnel Action Forms (PAF) & Change of Personnel Action Forms (CPAF) for administrative staff via ePAF system
  • Respond to inquiries via email and phone regarding restricted cost centers.

Financial and Cash Management Services performed:

  • Review and approve allowable and appropriate expenditure transfer requests via the Expenditure Correction Form for restricted cost centers
  • Closeout of award/project after Grants and Contracts completes fund reconciliations, financial status reports, final invoices, and final budgets
  • Process cash draw-downs for federal awards via electronic payment systems
  • Act as the point of contact for billing inquiries
  • Process receipts of sponsor payments and ensure they are credited to the correct award and invoice
  • Track sponsored project receivables and initiate collection communication
  • Reconcile sponsored project receivable and follow up on unbillable issues
  • Audit and desk review coordination with Office of Sponsored Program and other university departments

Additional Services:

  • Provide assistance in understanding policies, procedures, and related guidelines for restricted cost centers
  • Approve transactions charged to Endowment projects (restricted cost centers)