Management Process for New Technologies

The process for developing and moving a new technology out of the University and into a commercial product requires input from both intellectual property (IP) and business professionals to understand the scope and value of any new technology. This process is iterative, and success requires the creator’s involvement well beyond the lab or workstation.

forms and templatesStep 1:  Disclosure of New Creation

Creator(s) prepare and submit Technology Disclosure Form.

This includes any possible pending public disclosures.
Lead creator responsible for communication with co-creators


acknowledgement reportStep 2: Acknowledge Receipt


Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) reviews for completeness, emails update confirmation.

tech reviewStep 3: Technology Review

OTC performs initial technology review, emails update confirmation. OTC meets with Creator for initial and follow-up on technology discussions as needed.Creators review findings and refine differentiation of technology from other published similar technologies. Hover over the options below:




Marketing and Licensing

Step 5: Marketing and Licensing

Determine commercialization path.
Finalize marketing materials.
Identify start-up structure and/or market to companies.  


Continued patent prosecution

Step 6: Continued Patent Prosecution

Prior to the anniversary of a provisional patent filing, a decision regarding the value of further prosecution will be made. Continued prosecution, until a patent issues, can take another 2-5 years.


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