Technology Commercialization

To accelerate the transition of Intellectual Property (IP) from the University to a product, UTRGV's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) assists faculty, staff, and students through this process to enable industrial research partnerships, IP management, proof-of-concept development, new venture incubation, and entrepreneurship training.

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Duties of this office:
  • Ensure compliance and data reporting for federally-funded research, to UT System, and industry.
  • Providing training for faculty, students, and community related to intellectual property policy and processes, compliance requirements, copyright and patent law and license strategies. To request in-person training, please email
  • Invention and software disclosure processing.
    • Evaluation, patenting, copyright registration, marketing, and licensing.
  • Processing of agreements for potential licensees.
    • Material transfer, non-disclosure, data use, technology licenses, options, inter institutional, and royalty sharing.
  • Audit of licensees and royalty compliance.
  • Assist in the creation of startups.
  • Industry outreach and partnership development.
  • Represent UTRGV at Texas Venture Connect.

Contact us:
EBG: 956-665-3032

Office of Technology Commercialization Staff:

Fernando Gonzalez
Technology Commercialization
EBG: 956-665-3006
ELAMR 2.108

Alice Zents
Technology & Intellectual Property Management Specialist
EBG: 956-665-3032
ELAMR 2.103