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Learn about the research processes at UTRGV.

What does it mean to attend a Research University such as UTRGV?

  • Professors at research universities balance two objectives: conducting their research, and preparing you, the student, to conduct research of your own. You attend a research university for more than a diploma - make the most of your time in a research university by conducting research before you graduate! 
  • You have access to world-class researchers in each classroom and in every college. You can reach out to any of these faculty and become a student research assistant, and participate in real-world research, learning side-by-side from some of the best minds in your field, while earning your degree. Learn about finding a faculty mentor.
  • Opportunities to present your research are abundant. UTRGV provides many forums for student work on campus, such as the Engaged Scholar Symposium, and encourages students to present at conferences outside of UTRGV.
  • Univeristy leadership provides support for you to succeed in your research. Are you a senior thinking about grad school? Apply for a Presidential Graduate Research Assistantship!

 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research poster presentation The Engaged Scholars Symposiums give undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in the research community by displaying a research poster or artistic work, giving an oral presentation, or putting on a creative performance. 2019’s themes were “Bilingual, Bi-cultural, Bi-literate” and “Sustainability.”

“You’ve probably heard this before – ‘research is ‘me’-search’,” said Spring 2019 keynote speaker, Dr. Steve Song, Associate professor of research from Concordia University Chicago, who gave a talk titled “Immigrant Student Adaptation in the US School System: Intersection of Class, Legal Status, Gender, and Race.” He encouraged the students to keep looking into the questions that they’re personally passionate about.

You can find more resources for undergraduate research at Engaged Scholarship & Learning.

Graduate Research

 Student research profiles coming soon.