Available Technologies

Biology, Life Sciences and Medical Technologies

A Protein Synthesis Inhibitor as a new type of Antibiotic Compound

Polyolefin Fibers for Skin Regeneration and Implant

Tremor Cancellation Pen Holder

Microchannel scaffolds and microtube electrodes for a neural interface system

Methods for making Artificial Ligaments and Tendons

Multi-mode Hands-free Crutch

Electrical, Electronics and Communications

Wave Energy Converter

Phased Array Antenna Receiver System

Concealed Phased Array Roof Tile

Novel Remote Surveillance System

Wireless Sensor for injection molds

Heterogeneous core @ shell photocatalyst

A method to develop high upconversion (UC) efficiency luminescent

Sliding-Window (SW) Packet Switch for Priority Switching

Nano-technology and Material Sciences

Flexible Composite Nanofibers as Alternate Anode Materials

A process model for Selective Laser Alloying

A superior Nano-glass Particle Manufacturing process (ACE-TM)

Method of Preparing Carbon Fibers