Available Technologies

Biology, Life Sciences and Medical Technologies:

Systems and Methods for Image Segmentation in N-Dimensional Space

Methods for Making Artificial Ligaments and Tendons

Multi-mode Hands-free Crutch

The Measurement of Phytoestrogens in Human Urine

Polyolefin Fibers for Skin Regeneration and Implant

Tremor Cancellation Pen Holder

Using Insects to Carry Nanocides for Therapeutics 


Electrical, Electronics and Communications:

Heterogeneous ​Core@shell Photocatalyst

Lithium Battery Cathode

Method and Use of Ceramic/Carbon Composite Nanofibers as Anode Materials for Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion Batteries​

Optical Multilayer Refractive Index Near Zero Metamaterials

Sliding-Window (SW)Packet Switch for Priority Switching

Wireless Sensors ​in Injection Molds


Nano-technology and Material Sciences:

A process model for Selective Laser Alloying

A Superior Nano Glass Particle Manufacturing Process (ACETM) ​

Biocompatible Adhesive Polymer Blends​

Development of Mechanoluminescense Polymer Doped Fabrics

Functional Materials in Photonics and Energy

Handheld/Portable Apparatus for the Production of Fine Fibers

Method of Preparing​ Carbon Fibers​

Method of Preparing Doped and/or Composite Carbon Fibers

Methods for the Production of Fluoropolymer Fibers

Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks for Separation and Removal of Acetylene from Gas Mixtures

Safe, Economic, and Continuous Nanofiber Spinning Machine

Scalable and Facile in Situ Synthesis of Nanoparticles Resulting in Decorated Multifunctional Fibers