Research and Safety Committees

The UTRGV's Safety Committees provide guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and safety programs in the academic research. These committees are charged with responsibility to act in an advisory and consultative capacity regarding the administration, implementation and coordination of policies and procedures for safety and environmental health in University research activities.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Members

  • A list of meeting dates and deadlines to submit may be found on the IRB institutional website.
    IRB committee meetings are scheduled monthly, including during the summer months. The exact meeting dates are based on committee member schedules and vary from semester to semester. 

IRB Panel 2 Members - Health Affairs

Jay Morrow, DVM, MPH Chair, Scientist
Claudio Kogan, MD Vice Chair, Scientist
Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH, FACOG Scientist
Lilia Fuentes, DNP Scientist
Shawn Saladin, PhD Scientist
Rector Arya, PhD Scientist
Lori Berry, MD, MPG Scientist
Lyuba Levine, MD, M.Msci Scientist
Rachael Berget, Med Non-Scientist
Kathleen Carter, MLIS, AHIP Non-Scientist
Sally Guerra Non-Scientist, Affiliated Community Member
Robert Bonds, MA Non-Scientist, Non-Affiliated Community Member
Lisa Treviño, PhD Ex-Officio, DHR Affiliated
Ann McCracken, MD Ex-Officio, VA Affiliated
Diane Sheppard, RN Ex-Officio
Glorimar Colon, JD Ex-Officio 
Kimberly Fernandez, MSS Ex-Officio 
Nadia Garza de Ramirez Ex-Officio 
Edith Ramos Kolahdouz, MBA Ex-Officio 
Jorge Teniente Ex-Officio


IRB Panel 3 Members (Social, Behavioral & Education)

Laura Seligman, PhD Chair, Scientist
Sandra Laston, PhD Vice Chair, Scientist
Michael Mahaney, PhD Scientist
Bassent Abdelbary, PhD Scientist
Veronica Umeasiegbu, PhD Scientist
Kristy Ochoa, PA Scientist, Non-Affiliated Community Member
Jennifer Saxton, MFA Non-Scientist
Marie Simonsson Non-Scientist
Laura Jewett Non-Scientist (Alternative)
Diane Sheppard, RN Ex-Officio
Glorimar Colón, JD Ex-Officio
Kimberly Fernandez, MSS Ex-Officio
Nadia Garza de Ramirez Ex-Officio 
Edith Ramos Kolahdouz, MBA Ex-Officio 


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

  • Upcoming IACUC Meetings  – August 2019 (Date TBA)

IACUC Members

Christopher Vitek, PhD Chair, Scientist 
Jameela Banu, PhD Scientist
Christopher Taylor, PhD Scientist
Sara Reyna, PhD Scientist
Mario Gil, PhD Scientist
Robert Dearth Scientist
Javier De Leon Non-Scientist, Non-Affiliated Community Member
Susheelabai Srinivasa, PhD Non-Scientist
Sander Hacker, DVM Attending Veterinarian
James Elliot, DVM Alternate, Attending Veterinarian
Cordelia Rasa Ex-Officio
Richard Costello, PhD Ex-Officio
Glorimar Colon, JD Ex-Officio
Nadia Garza de Ramirez Ex-Officio
Edith Ramos Kolahdouz, MBA


Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

IBC Members

Daniele Provenzano, PhD Chair, Scientist
Julie Mustard, PhD Vice Chair, Scientist
John Thomas, PhD Scientist
Hyeongjun Kim, PhD Scientist
Megan Keniry, PhD Scientist
E. Anthony Reisinger Scientist, External Member
Laura Decanini, PhD Scientist, External Member
Richard Costello, PhD Ex-Officio
Cordelia Rasa Ex-Officio
Glorimar Colon, JD Ex-Officio
Javier Garcia Ex-Officio
Nadia Garza de Ramirez Ex-Officio
Edith Ramos Kolahdouz, MBA