LinkedIn Learning UTRGV Campus-Wide Access Ended December 6th, 2023.

The LinkedIn Learning campus-wide license was instituted at UTRGV on a year-to-year basis. It was renewed for the Fall 2023 semester, with an end date of December 6th. UTRGV is conducting assessments regarding online professional development platforms to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

How LinkedIn Learning Drives Skills Development at UTRGV

How LinkedIn Learning Drives Skills Development at UTRGV - Students


Through LinkedIn Learning you have access to Industry-aligned and expert-led content to prepare you for on-campus jobs, internships, and future jobs opportunities.

LinkedIn learners are 2x more likely to be employed after graduation. They apply to 5X more jobs than non-LinkedIn learners.

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Enhance your curriculum with Industry-aligned and vetted content that accentuates pedagogy and student learning outcomes (SLOs).

Prepare students to apply classroom learning to workforce needs with in-demand professional skills development.

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How LinkedIn Learning Drives Skills Development at UTRGV - Faculty


As a UTRGV staff member, you have the valuable opportunity to gain soft skills and technical skills through LinkedIn Learning to grow and develop in the areas you care about in your current professional role and in your personal life.

Why LinkedIn Learning is right for you


Karina Esquivel's Testimony on LinkedIn Learning

"I think a lot of people would truly benefit from watching these videos especially if they are being required in class. It's very important to have these resources because they allow us to learn different things that we normally wouldn’t learn on a daily basis. Its very beneficial to incorporate in all UTRGV because it provides different skills."

- Karina Esquivel

Gail Flores's Testimony on LinkedIn Learning

“I am working on my master’s program and I didn’t have a lot of soft skills or technical skills to build upon, I only knew how to study hard but with LinkedIn Learning I saw that it was a great avenue for me to learn the gaps that I was missing such as communication and negotiation. I took this time to actually develop myself professionally and personally to get the best version of myself.”

- Gail Flores

Top Skills Employers Look for

Top Skills Employers Look for in UTRGV Graduates

Top Five In-Demand Skills Employers Look for by Industry

This image is showing the top skills in the industry employers look for

Collaborating Departments / Programs

The office of PEWD collaborates with various departments on campus that cater to the professional development and career aspirations of UTRGV students. The main goal for this type of collaboration is to leverage the LinkedIn Learning platform to create win-win outcome for the student-facing projects that are designed to help them gain hands-on skills through experiential learning projects, and internships. In Fall 2022, our partners include, Engaged Scholarship & Learning, Student Employment office, and Student Experience Internship (SEI) program administered by the Career Center.