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Direct Deposit

Transcript of PeopleSoft Training Video: Direct Deposit

  1. Login to
  2. Select the PeopleSoft Icon under Applications.
  3. Navigate to the Employee Self Service Menu.
  4. Click the NavBar button to easily access functions
  5. Select Navigator icon
  6. Select HRMS
  7. Select Self Service, the select Payroll and Compensation
  8. Select direct deposit
  9. Direct Deposit will display accounts on file, you may edit or delete accounts. To add an account, select Add Account.
  10. Include all account information while adding an account
  11. Select if you either would like to deposit a percentage of a check, a certain amount of your check, or a net balance. Enter the amount and which order to be deposited.
  12. Before submitting, acknowledge and accept the terms of using direct deposit.
  13. Review information and press submit, and your account will be added.
  14. Select the Edit Button to edit info on an account. Once the changes have been made, review and select Submit. Then hit OK.
  15. You can remove accounts by selecting the Remove Button.
  16. When you select Delete, select either Yes to confirm or No to cancel.
  17. Once the account has been removed, select OK

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