Invention Disclosure Form

Public disclosures (such as publication of a paper, oral or poster presentation at a conference, invited talk, student thesis defense, discussions with non-UTRGV affiliated parties without a non-disclosure agreement in place, etc.) have a negative impact on one’s ability to secure intellectual property (IP) rights.  In some cases, IP rights may be irretrievably lost due to a prior public disclosure.

How can a researcher prevent this loss?  

An Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) should be submitted to our office before any public disclosures of the technology are made.  An example of good timing would be submitting your IDF simultaneously with submitting a manuscript for review, rather than submitting the IDF after the paper is published online. 

If you are planning to publish or present your technology, make sure to inform OTC well in advance of any upcoming deadlines (three months). 

Submitting an IDF

An online disclosure form can be found here: 

Online Invention Disclosure From

  1. To login, click on “Login using SAML Authentication”. You will be directed to the UTRGV login page, please login using your UTRGV email and password
    • After logging in, you will be able to see the list of your disclosures and their status.
  2. To submit a new disclosure: From the “Tasks” list on the right side of your screen, click on “New Disclosure”.
  3. Fill in the disclosure form and submit.

OTC will then review the disclosure and reach out to you for further discussions. If you wish to make any changes to the submitted disclosure form, please reach out to us at

To learn about how OTC evaluates the technologies, visit OTC Processes.