Teaching Online During Summer & Fall 2020?

Faculty Teaching Online

The Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology is providing a series of professional development sessions to help Faculty prepare for online Summer and Fall 2020. There are three options available to become prepared for teaching online.

Option 1: 8-Hr Training Online
(minimum requirement for faculty teaching Summer 2020)

The purpose of this online training is to provide Faculty the essential support needed to design an effective online course and introduce tools that will help facilitate, deliver, and manage online courses. The workshops will cover topics such as course structure, copyright, accessibility, and will explore data-driven online strategies and practical tips for applying them to your online courses. This training is for Faculty new to online learning who would like to become familiar with best practices or those who want a refresher on the topics shared. Topics include:

  1. Blackboard Basics
  2. Blackboard Intermediate
  3. Blackboard Advanced (Grade Center)
  4. Online Course Design
  5. Online Course Delivery 

Option 2: Quality Matters Certification & Blackboard Learning Management System

Faculty will be certified to teach online courses by participating in the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop. This training introduces participants to best practices in instructional design and research-based design principles for an online/hybrid course to support quality assurance. If you are planning to teach online, this Quality Matters workshop and the Blackboard learning management system training sessions (Blackboard Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced) are required. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these trainings are only available in online formats.

Option 3: The Blueprinting Process

The Blueprinting process is a systematic professional development program designed to ensure quality in online courses and programs at UTRGV. During the program, Faculty apply the concepts of designing a quality online course and learn strategies and best practices in online teaching. The core of the PD is based on a planning matrix that uses the Backward Design approach to map out a course, define course and module learning outcomes, create assessments, develop activities and materials, and identify relevant educational tools and technology.  This training includes the QM Certification (Option 2). Upon completing the Blueprinting Process, participants will be able to:

  • Design an online course that supports and aligns with the overall program goals
  • Develop a course blueprint that outlines and explains how course components align
  • Discuss concepts related to best practices in online teaching and learning
  • Develop course components that align with best practices, including meeting accessibility and Universal Design for Learning guidelines
  • Build a quality online course utilizing appropriate technologies to support all course objectives and diverse learners
  • Conduct self-reviews using the “Quality Matters Rubric”