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Course Size Increase Request Form

What is this request for?

The purpose of this form is to request an increase in your course size. Faculty may submit this request if they encounter that their course size has reached the limited course size.

Default course sizes:

  • Accelerated courses: 1GB
  • Traditional courses: 2GB

Before submitting this request, faculty must review their course content and clean some of the data stored. Faculty may also follow the best recommendations to reduce their course file sizes. If after cleaning content you encounter that you still need more storage, you must provide a justification for increasing your course size quota and complete this request.


  1. A faculty member must submit a request in our COLTT ticketing system to increase a course size.
  2. This request must be submitted after evaluating their course content and cleaning any course content.
  3. A justification is needed to review the course and evaluate the justification.
  4. Once the request gets approved the COLTT Help Desk will complete the request.

Note: Please allow 24 to 48 hours for this process to be completed.