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The Office of Global Engagement encourages our faculty to think creatively and author projects that will directly and clearly contribute to globalization at UTRGV. Examples of possible initiatives include, but are not limited to: joint research with visiting/global scholars, peer-reviewed research, seed money for larger projects, forums or conferences, workshops, film series, outreach. These initiatives should result in projects and research that aligns with UTRGV’s global strategic priorities.


Applications will be evaluated in part on the strength of their connection to the global priorities of the University, level of engagement with partners, and their perceived contribution to UTRGV. The review committee also will look at how the global research or outreach project is applicable to the faculty member’s area of expertise and professional development within their field. All awards are subject to the availability of funds.

The awarding of an OGE Grant is contingent upon additional funding being requested by faculty members from their respective dean, department, external funders, or other sources. Evidence of this request is required.


  • All UTRGV adjunct, lecturer, tenured, or tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty members are allowed to submit multiple applications for different projects during the same fiscal year.
  • Proposals may have more than one author/investigator.
  • Proposals must be received by OGE no less than one month (or 30 days) PRIOR to the stated start date of the project. 
  • Funded part of projects must conclude prior to the end of the fiscal year.
  • All research involving interventions or interactions with individuals, or the collection of identifiable private information concerning living individuals, requires prospective Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Grantees are responsible for obtaining IRB approval when required, and must provide documentation of IRB approval before a grant can be awarded.


  Go here for the Faculty Research Application Form

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