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Types of Agreements

As with all universities in the University of Texas system, there are two primary types of international agreements at UTRGV. The first and broadest is the Agreement of Cooperation, which establishes a formal partnership between UTRGV and an international institution. This type of agreement also encompasses student, faculty and/or staff exchanges, shared research projects, technology transfer and other general activities. Normally, when we are first opening formal relations with another university, this is the agreement that will be signed.

The second type of agreement is more specific and named Program Agreement. The Program Agreement provides detailed information regarding UTRGV partnerships involving students, faculty and/or staff members engaged in particular undertakings within international institutions. This type of agreement covers student, faculty and/or staff exchanges, joint research projects, finances/costs, or technology transfer. Program Agreements are only used after an Agreement of Cooperation is already in place and signed.

All proposals for an agreement must include a completed Information Sheet.

There are many types of international agreements. For more information on them, please contact International Programs and Partnerships. Email:

Download UTRGV Agreements:

Agreement of Cooperation

Convenio de Cooperación

Program Agreement

Information Sheet

Preparing an agreement

To prepare an Agreement of Cooperation or Program Agreement:

  1. Faculty should discuss with their School Director or Department Chair the purpose of the agreement as well as the commitments of UTRGV and the partnering university. Approval of the Director/Chair and Dean are required.
  2. Download the UT System approved templates for an Agreement of Cooperation or Program Agreement at this webpage; you can also obtain these documents from the Office of International Programs and Partnerships (IPP) at
  3. Complete the Information Sheet, which is on this webpage and available by emailing IPP.
  4. Prepare the agreement packet, include the actual agreement and justification, and send it via email to IPP with documentation of the required approvals.
  5. IPP will then review the agreement and justification. IPP will contact you if any questions arise.
  6. After approval, IPP will send two unsigned copies the agreement to the partner for their signatures.
  7. Once the partners have approved and signed the agreement the partner university returns the signed agreements to IPP.
  8. IPP will obtain signatures from the UTRGV President or the Executive Vice President. Important note: only the President or the Executive Vice President of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has the authority to sign these agreements.
  9. IPP then sends copies of the signed agreement to the partner university and keeps the original on file.
  10. All agreements will be posted on the Office of Global Engagement’s website and are open to the public.