Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program is generic in nature with a pathway for registered nurses. The Program is designed to enable students to integrate knowledge from theory and research, high-level skills, and concepts of leadership into the practice of professional nursing care of individuals, families, groups, and communities. The BSN Program provides a foundation for graduate study. BSN generic graduates are eligible to apply to the Texas Board of Nursing to take the National Council Licensure Examination. After successfully completing this examination, the graduate is issued a license to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Texas. 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program Objectives:

The UTRGV BSN program is designed to prepare graduates at a high level of competency for beginning practitioners in a culturally diverse health care setting.  The program objectives are as follows:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking in the use of knowledge and theory from the behavioral, physical and nursing sciences to provide safe, holistic (mind, body, spirit) client care in multicultural health care settings 
  • Communicate effectively to establish trusting interpersonal caring relationships with individuals, families, groups, populations, and the community network
  • Assess the health care status of clients across the lifespan through the use of a knowledge base, data collection techniques and nursing skills.
  • analyze the nursing needs of clients to assist in the development of nursing diagnoses, client goals, nursing care priorities, and teaching plans
  • Plan methods of assistance, including teaching, that aid clients to enhance learning, encourage self-care and achieve optimal health
  • Implement the nursing care necessary to assist clients in reaching their health care goals
  • Evaluate health care activity and the responses of clients to that activity, modifying the nursing care plan as needed to promote optimum health
  • Practice culturally competent nursing within the bounds of professional standards and ethics, client rights, and legal statutes
  • Collaborate as a responsible member of a multidisciplinary health care team to advocate for safe, effective, and holistic culturally congruent client care, utilizing appropriate resources as necessary.
  • Demonstrate leadership, responsibility, and accountability in the practice of nursing and the management of health care personnel, being cognizant of societal, economic, political, and technological trends
  • Use the research process to identify nursing issues and evaluate research findings for applicability to nursing practice
  • Demonstrate commitment to the nursing profession 

client=individuals, families, groups, populations communities and society 







All School of Nursing applicants must ensure that all required information and documentation, including HESI scores are uploaded to TK20 before the application cycle deadline.

If you have questions regarding applying to the School of Nursing, please contact us.


***Applying to the BSN program requires two applications (A UTRGV application via and a School of Nursing Application)***. See When and How to Apply.