Degree Plan

The UTRGV Master of Science in Nursing Education online degree program prepares you to meet the needs of a diverse student population in a variety of roles in nursing education, including patient educator, as well as the educator role in clinical and academic settings.


  • The MSN Administration is offered in an accelerated 7-week format.
  • Courses are offered year around with two 7-week Modules in the Fall, two 7-week Modules in the Spring, and two 7-week Modules in the Summer.
  • Student can begin the MSN Administration Program coursework at any of the six entry points.
  • Each 7-week course is offered only once a year.
  • Full-time students, taking 2 courses each Module, are able to complete the MSN Administration Program in 1 year.
  • Part-time students may take 1 course each Module and complete the MSN Administration Program in 2 years.

 MSN Education Course Sequence Accelerated Program 

Track MSN Core Courses MSN Education 
Specialty Courses
Mod 1
NURS 6474
Leadership, Policy, and Population Health
NURS 6363
Curriculum Development in Nursing
Mod 2
NURS 6301 
Theoretical Foundations in Nursing
NURS 6366
Instructional Design and Online Teaching in Nursing
Mod 1
NURS 6208 
Nursing Informatics
NURS 6365
Evaluation in Nursing
Mod 2
NURS 6304
Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS 6464
Teaching Roles and Strategies
Mod 1
NURS 6302 
Research in Nursing
NURS 6306
Advanced Pharmacology
Mod 2
NURS 7302 
Practice Intervention Project
NURS 6305
Advanced Health Assessment & Lab

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