Library U Search Help

Basic Searching

  • To search in Primo, simply type in a word, a phrase, or a combination of words and the unique algorithm will return results relevant to your search terms.
  • If you type in a phrase such as "honey bee communication", Primo will return results which result in which all of the words are close together.
  • If you type in a phrase such as "honey bee and communication", Primo will treat this as two separate phrases and return results in which the two phrases are not necessarily close together.
  • Primo assumes that you are searching for ALL of the words unless you type OR or NOT between the words or phrases.
  • Use quotation marks around a phrase to search for that exact phrase.
  • Use ? (a question mark symbol) to perform a single character wildcard search.
  • Use * (an asterisk) to perform a multiple character wildcard search.

Advanced Searching

  • Use the advanced search to select the language, specific material type, and publication date of your results.
  • You can also choose which field you want to search.


  • Use the pushpin icon within the results to save that result.
  • You can also get citations in different styles (APA, MLA, etc) by using the quotation (") symbol.
  • Use the envelope icon to email results to yourself.
  • Use the facets on the left hand side of the screen to narrow down your results by content type, publication date, location, language, etc.

For more information on using Primo, please use the chat function on the right hand side of the screen, or you can Ask a Librarian.