Using Course Materials in Blackboard

This powerful tool is seamlessly integrated into Blackboard Learn, enabling you to effortlessly create, manage, and share interactive course resource lists, and is available on any device.

Learn about this powerful tool by viewing this video.

The materials included cover a diverse range, including library collections and articles, YouTube videos, books, uploaded lecture notes, open educational resources, and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Improve Efficiency: Provide an intuitive experience for instructors. Faculty can easily add resources directly from any source, edit lists, and roll it over for the following term.
  • Enhance Course Engagement: Shift students from passive reading level to an interactive and engaging learning experience level.
  • Improve Equity: Affordable and equitable access to all course materials.

For additional assistance, please contact librarian, Liliana Galindo.

To add a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant Instructor, and or Graduate Associate Instructor to the course please email Liliana Galindo directly.

Lily Galindo

Liliana Galindo, MLIS
Instruction & Education Resource Coordinator
(956) 882-6576, (956) 665-7948
BLIBR 1.108, ELIBR 1.104

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