vPrint provides students, faculty, and staff access to wireless printers conveniently located throughout the UTRGV campuses. Locate Find-Me printers using the Find-Me Printer Visual Map. vPrint is managed by the PaperCut application where you can:

  • Summary - Check Username, Balance, Total Print Jobs, Total Pages Printed, and Environmental Impact
  • Redeem - Enter card codes that have been provided at student events
  • Transfers - Transfer printing credits to other users
  • Transaction History - Review transactions for credit transfers
  • Recent Print Jobs - Review your most recent print jobs
  • Jobs Pending Release - Check print jobs in queue to be released from a Find-Me Printer
  • Web PrintNot RecommendedWeb Print feature will be discontinued Spring 2018. Use vPrint: Mobility Print with Find-Me Printer option


Print credits are assigned to all students each semester, as follows:

  • Fall semester: 500 print credits (250 initial and 250 after census date)
  • Spring semester: 500 print credits (250 initial and 250 after census date)
  • Summer semester: 250 print credits per session
  • Roll-over: Unused credits from the previous semester will roll-over to the next semester. Unused credits are deleted at the end of the second summer session.


Print credits will be debited from a student's PaperCut account as follows:

  • Black & white document, single-sided document: 1 print credit
  • Black & white document, double-sided document: 2 print credits 
  • Color, single-sided document: 2 print credits
  • Color, double-sided document: 4 print credits

Additional printing credits will not be awarded; however, you can transfer printing credits between users. Printing quotas and costs are subject to change each semester. 

Go Green and help us reduce our carbon footprint by only printing documents that absolutely must be printed.  


vPrint allows you to print from a computer lab, laptop, or mobile device to a  Find-Me Printer anywhere on campus.


Access to this service is automatically granted to UTRGV Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Use any of the following vPrint features to print documents from anywhere on campus to your wireless  Find-Me Printer of choice.

Print at Computer Lab 

Use a printer located in a computer lab. You will be prompted to log in to your PaperCut account (using your UTRGV credentials) to print near the computer lab. You can print to a Find-Me Printer directly from a lab computer by selecting the Find-Me Printer option in the printer list.

Mobility Printing

Mobility Printing is a vPrint feature that allows you to print from personal devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone using the  Mobility Print app to any  Find-Me Printer on campus. This feature is supported on all popular platforms, such as iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and macOS.

Find-Me Printers

Learn  how to use Mobility Print and release pending jobs at a Find-Me Printer.

Locate Find-Me Printer using visual maps.

Find-Me Printers are located at multiple locations and provide secure and flexible printing services. The following are key features:

  • Print from a computer lab or use the  Mobility Print app to print from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Security, all personal and confidential information is not printed until you are in front of a printer and release the pending print job.
  • Flexibility, you can print at multiple locations and avoid waiting in line for your printouts.
  • Print credits are only used when a page is printed by a machine.
  • Print jobs are held for 4 hours until deleted, so there is no loss of print credits.

Methods to release a print job:

  • Scanning a printer's QR Code with your smartphone's QR reader app, Snapchat, or Camera on iOS 11.
    • NOTE: Make sure that your applications have been updated to the latest version.
  • Swiping your UTRGV ID Card in the Card Reader (Konica Printers Only)
  • Logging in to Konica Printer using PaperCut Client login page with your UTRGV credentials.
    • NOTE: Most printers on campus print in black and white only with the exception of Konica printers. All can print double-sided.

vPrint: Web Print

Using the Web Print Service is not recommended. Your printouts may be taken by mistake by someone else, causing you to lose print credits. Printers may have other jobs in the queue that will take priority, leaving you with a longer wait time. If the printer jams, Web Print will not refund you the credits after the job has been released. Use Mobility Print feature and/or print to a  Find-Me Printer instead.

Copy and Scan Services 

Copy or Scan documents using your vPrint account. Free scan-to-email service is also available from a vPrint university copy machine. 

Training & Resources

No training is available at this time.