Main Description

MATLAB® (Matrix Laboratory) is an application software with a sophisticated programming language and an interactive environment for performing numerical analysis, data visualization, matrix computation, signal processing, video and image processing. MATLAB® is used by over one million engineers and scientists around the world for teaching, researching, and project-based learning.

MATLAB® capabilities include:

  • Numerical Computation
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Programming and Algorithm Development
  • Application Development and Deployment

To find out more about MATLAB®, be sure to check out the MATLAB® overview video .


MATLAB® is used to test and understand mathematical concepts interactively before encoding in a traditional programming language.

A software license is available to install MATLAB®, its add-on toolboxes, and Simulink® on a personal or campus computer, allowing coursework or research to be performed anytime - anywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: A software license request is required to install MATLAB® on a personal computer.


Personal Computer

Install Matlab software on a personal computer using the instructions.

Computer Labs

Students can access MATLAB at all computer labs managed by IT available at the following locations:


Eidman Hall (Building #17 on the Brownsville Computer Labs Visual Map)
Room 105


Visual Arts Annex (located at 2412 S. Closner Blvd. Edinburg, Texas)
Rooms: 1.112, 1.223, 1.224, 1.225, 1.226, 1.227, and 1.303 (Fab Lab)


Personal Computer

Install Matlab software on a personal computer using the instructions.

University Computer

Install Matlab software on a university computer using the Software Center.

What is MATLAB Online?

MATLAB® Online™ is an online version of MATLAB for use through a standard web browser using MathWorks® hosted computing resources and storage. Ideal for when you need to use your tablet or mobile device to perform computations.

MATLAB Online provides:

  • use of the latest version of MATLAB and its features from your web browser with no need to download or install (current license applies)
  • 5 GB MATLAB Drive™ storage for MATLAB files
  • collaboration between users with view-only or can-edit access to MATLAB files
  • link creation to your work for global sharing
  • synchronization to your desktop files with MATLAB Online and MATLAB Drive when using the MATLAB Drive Connector

Go to and start using MATLAB Online today!

Visit MATLAB Online Overview for more information about MATLAB Online, supported license types, specifications, limitations, and system requirements.


Download & Install

Training & Resources

Learn how to use Matlab with free, self-paced online training. Visit the MATLAB Training Courses page for more information.