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Projects Completed
September 2017-June 2018

Portfolio Project Name Project Manager Date Completed Project Summary
Finance & Administration DCS-Upgrading general MS SQL Cluster to 2012/2014/2016 Jose Hinojosa June 13, 2018 New general MS SQL Cluster with multi-node setup having version 2012 and 2014 installed in order to migrate databases off of the current general MS SQL 2008 cluster. Stay current with latest release for maintenance and support.
Finance & Administration Mac Computer Management Andrea Wilborn-Nieto June 11, 2013 Solution to manage software/hardware inventory, computer imagining, and software deployment.
Finance & Administration CMS Cascade 8 Upgrade Perla Pequeno June 8, 2018 Modern user interface, available across devices, better streamlined content submission process and faster in-context editing for content management system.
School of Medicine Create website for Sheshadri Raman June 8, 2018 page where members of the community can go and sign in for medical appointments along with showing the locations of the different clinics.
School of Medicine Upgrade Faculty Affairs WebApps Database Sheshadri Raman June 8, 2018 More user friendly database that eliminates manual data entry. can be eliminated.
Finance & Administration Upgrade TMS server for ITV/Video Conference Management Rodrigo Martinez May 24, 2018 Allow integration and ease of use for scheduling ITV/Video conferences and WebEx from a central management system.
Finance & Administration IT Waged Employee Process Maria Dominguez May 23, 2018 LEAN process, training, policies/notes, etc to ensure that departments do not exceed budgeted wage amounts.
Finance & Administration APEX BID migration Sheshadri Raman May 02, 2018 BID Manager application recreated in new development tool.
Strategic Enrollment Division Constituent Relationship Management System Catherine Vale April 26, 2018 New, more robust CRM system that will meet UTRGV's needs for admissions, student success operations, one-stop student services case management tools, event management, communications, marketing, and reporting/analysis needs.
Finance & Administration Retiree, Alumni, and Student Email Accounts Catherine Vale April 20, 2018 To minimize the risk and the support costs associated with the maintenance of Retiree and Alumni email accounts.
Academic Affairs Moving FSAatlas to UTRGV Server Andrea Wilborn-Nieto April 04, 2018 Move FSA Atlas to new server as well as move from the UTPA domain to UTRGV.
Finance & Administration ITV Classroom Upgrades BRN & EDB Rodrigo Martinez April 03, 2018 Upgrade existing ITV rooms to the new standard.
Finance & Administration  Create Roomview Server for Remote Management of Classroom Multimedia Rodrigo Martinez April 03, 2018 Upgrade the existing software for remote management of classroom mutimedia systems.
Academic Affairs Medicat Case Management Software for Counseling and Training Clinics Andrea Wilborn-Nieto March 30, 2018 Technological resources in the Counseling and Training Clinics necessary to receive CACREP accreditation as mandated by CACREP.
Finance & Administration Academic Partnerships Site Migration Perla Pequeno March 27, 2018 Recreate Academic Partnerships website and integrate with Hobson.
Finance & Administration Lansweeper Implementation for Enterprise Robert Allen March 13, 2018 Improve reliability of current platform.
Finance & Administration IT Tech Days for UTRGV Robert Allen March 13, 2018 Improve student experience and use of technology by holding a tech day each semester, with possible sponsorship by largest vendors.
Finance & Administration Convenience Charge for Credit Card Payments Maria Dominguez March 12, 2018 Defray cost associated with credit card process transactions.
Finance & Administration Computers on Legacy Domains Jose Mendoza February 26, 2018 Migrate 300 Legacy domain computers to the new UTRGV domain so that DataCenter can decommision the Legacy domain.
Finance & Administration Standardize Radius Services for Wireless Jose San Miguel February 21, 2018 Radius servers on UTRGV domain and transfer management of Radius service to Networking team.
Finance & Administration 6509 Replacement and NAC Routing Migration to 5412 Jose San Miguel February 19, 2018 Replace outdated equipment that is no longer supported, i.e., the Cisco 6509 routers.
Finance & Administration TimeClock Plus Upgrade Andrea Wilborn-Nieto February 14, 2018 Support the audit/compliance requirements.
Reduces the time it takes to monitor time keeping and making corrections.
Time management resulting in cost savings.
Be able to track/monitor OT spent on projects and manage billing tying time/cost it back to the project.
Finance & Administration SN - Automate Lean the Processing of Requests to Reimage or CleanUp a Computer Juanita Palacios February 12, 2018 Create custom form for computer re-imaging or computer cleanup to improve process.
Finance & Administration Banner Security INB Improvement Project Ricardo Riojas February 07, 2018 Users are using UTRGV credentials and access audit report is created.
Academic Affairs College of Education and P-16 Integration Technology Integration Progress Dashboard Sheshadri Raman February 01, 2018 Dashboard that encourage faculty to use technology, starting with the iPad, but moving beyond that to creating best practices for technology integration across platforms.
Research Innovation & Econ Dev Monthly Usage Report for Information Resources on SharePoint Site Catherine Vale January 30, 2018 Report thay shows who is accessing intellectual property educational webinars and supporting documents resources, how often, how extensively, when, etc.
Finance & Administration DCS-Certificate Authority Infrastructure (PKI) Jose Hinojosa January 29, 2018 Seamless connection for supported laptops and PCs that are off-campus while providing the utmost security.
Finance & Administration JAGGAER Security Upgrade to TLS 1.1/1.2 Andrea Wilborn-Nieto January 18, 2018 Eliminate the current vulnerabilities and interface issues.
Finance & Administration Migration and Installation of New VPN Appliances Mauro Scardigno January 16, 2018 Fully supported equipment with same level of service.
School of Medicine REDCap Software - HIPAA Compliant Research Aida Gomez January 12, 2018 Software that caputures, exports and analyzes collective data effectively along with maintaining HIPAA compliance with reporting tools to further graduate and medical education.
Finance & Administration DCS-Oracle Database Upgrade e-Business Jose Hinojosa January 04, 2018 Vendor supported Oracle database environment.
Finance & Administration Juniper Border Router Installation Robert Allen December 11, 2017 Installation of new Juniper router with enhanced bandwidth capabilities.
Brownsville, Edinburg campus border redundancy.
Finance & Administration Classroom Information Clearinghouse Perla Pequeno December 11, 2018 Web based application that will provide information for each classroom at the different UTRGV locations.
Finance & Administration SN - ServiceNow Upgrade: Jakarta Juanita Palacios December 11, 2018 Be on the latest version for support from ServiceNow.
Finance & Administration Testing Center Mendoza Jose Mendoza December 07, 2018 Unify the resources and services for Testing Centers in Brownsville and Edinburg and move computers off legacy domains.
President Implementation of Tableau Server Aida Gomez November 29, 2017 Centralized in a single repository, easy to drill down and password protected dashboard.
Academic Affairs IT Computer Labs - Ghost Solutions Suite 3.2 Andrea Wilborn-Nieto November 29, 2017 Replace Altris with Ghost Solutions Suite 3.2 which is a solution for computer lab imaging that supports the latest version of Windows.
Finance & Administration Visual Labs Availability Robert Allen October 31, 2017 Provide a visual tool to help the students identify computer lab resources.
Finance & Administration AppSpider Implementation Andrea Wilborn-Nieto October 30, 2017 Implement AppSpider to replace IBMF Application.
School of Medicine Database for SOM Faculty Matters Sheshadri Raman October 27, 2017 Efficiency and accuracy on data reporting on faculty, internal and external stakeholder.
Finance & Administration Assessment of Business Process Management Software Irma Hermida October 25, 2017 Choose application that is cost effective, with an intuitive user interface to facilitate designing and documenting processes in a central repository and in a consistent way in support of Process Governance initiatives.
Academic Affairs Pre-Approved Templates for Unplanned Service Downtime Irma Hermida October 23, 2017 Create pre-approved templates for communication in order to minimized impact on users when systems are temporarily down.
Finance & Administration DCS-Oracle Database Upgrade Banner Jose Hinojosa October 23, 2017 To have latest version of the database
Finance & Administration Print Anywhere/Find-Me printing Robert Allen October 23, 2017 To allow students to print on various locations on the campuses.
Finance & Administration Transfer of FileShares/Decommissioning of Aries (server) for ELI Department. Andrea Wilborn-Nieto September 29, 2017 Decommision Windows Server 2003 and setup a new server with Time Tracking Software.
Finance & Administration SN - Quick Close for SN Incidents Juanita Palacios September 27, 2017 Service Desk work streamlined by eliminating reduncy in closing incidents.
Academic Affairs Identity Management Documentation Project Ricardo Riojas September 19, 2018 Process documented, ownership identified, process identified for maintaining and updating and presented to management.
Operations & Chief of Staff Localist Calendar Implementation Perla Pequeno September 7, 2018 Another venue to market the university and get information out to students.

a self-serve system where staff are able to add their events.
Academic Affairs Printer Management Jose Mendoza September 6, 2018 Migrate Network Printers and Copiers to new UTRGV VLAN Printer Server
Academic Affairs Colleague Transcript Archiving to ImageNow Jose Gutierrez September 5, 2018 All Colleague transcripts will be available through ImageNow moving us closer to retiring Colleague.
Finance & Administration Upgrade Siemens Building Automation System Software Andrea Wilborn-Nieto September 1, 2017 Upgrade system to stay up to date on Bacnet standards for communications between HVAC equipment and software.