UTRGV Web Standards and Guidelines Checklist

The University of Texas Rio Grande units are responsible for creating standards-compliant websites and applications. To comply with web standards, websites and applications must have valid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They must also meet accessibility standards. Full compliance also includes valid RSS, metadata, XML, SVG, device APIs, and object and script embedding as well as proper settings for character encoding. Web pages should also be optimized for size and download speed. Please review our Web Standards Checklist below.
  1. The website clearly identifies the university branding on every page along with the name of the division, college, department, program etc.
  2. The website utilizes the official UTRGV templates.
  3. The website complies with UT System copyright policies.
  4. The website complies with UTS 122 and does not promote commercial activity outside of official university business.
  5. If the website functions as the unit's primary web presence, it is not a blog.
  6. The website is listed in the UTRGV A-Z index with at least one site owner or technical contact provided.


  1. The website complies accessibility standards defined in UTS 150. Some of the important guidelines are listed below.
  2. The website section headings are used to organize content and are written in title case or sentence case.
  3. The website includes unique title tags for every page.
  4. If the website has form inputs, these inputs have associative labels.
  5. The website is equally functional and navigable when using the mouse, keyboard, or both.
  6. Images have accurate, descriptive alternative text.
  7. Meaningful text is used for links on the website.
  8. Text conveys information rather than images of text. (e.g. JPEGs, PNGs and other image files should not be used to display text).
  9. The website utilizes suitable color contrast ratios between text and background.
  10. The website provides text equivalents for non-text elements.
  11. (Developer)The website has an appropriate language set on every page.


  1. All pages published are checked for compliance within the CMS (via Siteimprove accessibility plugin) to be in compliance with the accessibility policy.
  2. All users with ‘content contributors’ access to the website have successfully passed the required Web Accessibility and CMS trainings provided by UTRGV.
  3. (Developer)The website does not contain HTML validation errors.
  4. (Developer)The website is readable with stylesheets disabled.
  1. All official public facing website content will be hosted in the approved content management platform (CMS), Cascade.
  2. The website follows the approved Template layouts created within the CMS.
  3. All website assets and files live within the CMS.
  4. The website effectively generates appropriate navigation link tags used to navigate the site.
  5. The website uses the staging area for testing changes.
  6. The website is tested for quality using the built in CMS checks while publishing the page.
  1. The website utilizes HTML5 and uses a responsive design layout.
  2. The website does not use tables as the primary means of site structure or layout.
  3. Assets such as images, css and javascript are not served from development environments nor from external sites.
  4. The website does not use Flash.
  5. The website is supported by all major current browsers on all platforms, such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows and Macs.

Proxima Nova is the preferred typeface for text contained in heading tags, and body content. Can be used as web fonts in the following ways:

  1. UTRGV websites on the utrgv.edu domain that are published with Cascade CMS include the web fonts automatically in the global stylesheet.
  2. UTRGV websites on a domain name other than utrgv.edu can use Proxima Nova web font, however this is a license web font only, and will require assistance from Information Technology or a replacement font maybe used on UTRGV sites not on utrgv.edu domain.
  3. Do not use lookalike typefaces in place of Proxima Nova, unless authorized by UMC/IT departments. Microsoft alternate fonts should also not be used on UTRGV websites.
  4. Web type have a base font size of at least 14 pixels. Small text should be used sparingly and sized no smaller than 75% of the base font size (i.e., no smaller than 12 pixels).
  1. The website is hosted under the www.utrgv.edu domain name.
  2. Domains other than utrgv.edu can be used under special circumstances.
  1. The website (all assets) is loaded over https with a valid security certificate.
  2. If the website contains pages that require authentication or forms requesting sensitive data, these pages send requests over SSL with a secure connection.
  1. Content is accurate, up-to-date and free of typos. If the website is left out-of-date for 12 months or more, it will be flagged for taking offline until further review.
  2. The website provides content that is equally available, visible, and navigable regardless of viewport size or viewing device.
  3. Images are optimized (e.g. generally less than 200 KB in file size).
  4. Images used in University Theme features or components are sized properly according to guidelines.
  5. Site does not duplicate information from authoritative University sources (e.g. course information, tuition and fees, academic calendar dates, etc.).
  6. The website has buttons and inputs that have a decent tap target area.
  7. Navigation is clear, concise and facilitates access to the information visitors seek. Don’t create an information architecture that mimics an organizational chart.
  8. The website is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  9. (Developer)The website passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.
  10. (Developer)The website utilizes viewport meta tag(s) to properly handle device width.