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Forward/Redirect Calls to Voicemail

Brownsville-Harlingen Campuses

Forward Calls to Voicemail

To have all incoming calls forwarded directly to voicemail without ringing at your extension: 

Press the CFwdAll softkey, then press the MESSAGE button. 


Press the CFwdAll softkey, then enter 3000.


Press the CFwdAll softkey, then enter *5999.

Turn-off Call Forwarding to Voicemail

To turn-off call forwarding, press the CFwdAll softkey once.

** PLEASE NOTE: Be sure Forwarded to Voicemail appears at the bottom of your LCD screen. If Forwarded to 5999 appears, your calls are NOT properly forwarded and will be redirected to the main operator. Dial your extension each time you forward your calls to ensure they are forwarded correctly.

Redirect Calls to Voicemail

Immediate Divert (iDivert) allows you to redirect incoming calls to voicemail in the event you cannot answer the call at that moment or you do not want to be disturbed.

           Press the iDivert softkey. 

Edinburg-McAllen-Rio Grande City-South Padre Island Campuses

Redirect Calls to Voicemail

To have all incoming calls redirected to voicemail

Press *4, then enter 2232.


Press the FORWARD button, then press the MESSAGE button. 

Cancel Redirect Calls to Voicemail

To cancel redirecting calls to voicemail, press *6.

To learn more about this service, visit the Telephone Service service page.