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Request to Install Software in Classroom or Computer Lab

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the ServiceNow icon under Applications.
  3. Click Service Request under Need new service?
  4. Select Self or On Behalf of under Options.
Note: Select On Behalf of, if you're opening a request on behalf of someone else.
  1. Select Name of person requesting the service.
Note: Your name is the default. If you're submitting a request on behalf of someone else, click the magnifying glass search icon to search for their name. Verify the user you selected is correct by hovering the mouse pointer over the User Information icon.
  1. Enter the Contact Number of the person requesting the service where they can be contacted directly for a follow-up.
  2. Enter the City, Building, and Room location where the requested service is needed.
Note: This information is necessary to ensure a technician is dispatched to the correct location.
  1. Enter Install Software in [Classroom or Computer Lab, Room #, Name of Software] in the Short Description field
  2. Include the following information in the Service Request Description field
    • Requester's Department
    • Office Address
    • Campus Phone
    • Installation Duration (Fall, Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Permanent) Type of Installation*
      • Software Installation
      • Software Upgrade
      • Software Renewal
      • Software Modification
    • Software/Component Name
    • Number of Licenses
    • Version Number
    • Licensed Owner
    • Serial Number
    • License Method 
    • Any Installation/Upgrade Instructions
    Example: special software preferences, configuration, modifications
    1. Click Order Now.
    Note: If making additional requests, click Add to Cart to continue.

    *Please attach proof of licensing in your Service Request. Failure to do so will delay installation.

     Note: IT reserves the right to uninstall all software at the end of every semester unless a renewal request has been made.

To learn more about this service, visit the Classroom Multimedia Technology Support services page