Request a Sponsored Account

Sponsored accounts provide temporary access to University resources and must be sponsored by a department or office on campus.

To request a Sponsored Account:

  1. Sponsored guest must request a sponsored account from the appropriate approver.
    • NOTE: Approver must be at the level of Dean, Associate VP, or higher. Approver must approve the creation of the sponsored account by email.
  2. Approver sends Sponsored guest an approval email.
  3. Sponsored guest completes and signs the following two forms:
  4. Sponsored guest sends approval email with signed forms attached to Human Resources (HR) at
    • Important: Due to the confidentiality of biographical information, we strongly recommended the use of a secure/encrypted email method for this step.

PLEASE NOTE: Email sent from one UT institution email account to another UT institution email account, including UTRGV, is already secure.

Sponsored Account Process

  • Sponsored guest requests a sponsored account from an appropriate approver (e.g., Dean, Associate VP or higher).
  • Sponsored guest completes and signs HR Biographical Information Form and Acceptable Use Policy Form.
  • Sponsored guest sends an approval email to Human Resources with signed forms attached.
  • Human Resources processes documents to create a record for sponsored guest in UTRGV’s HR system.
    • NOTE: Allow 7-10 business days to process documents.
  • The Identity Management system automatically creates the requested account.
    • NOTE: Allow up to 24 hours for the system to create an account.
  • Sponsored guest receives an account activation email with instructions from to the alternate email provided in the HR Biographical Information Form. 
  • Sponsored guest completes the activation process to access their email account and standard applications.

To learn more about this service, visit the ServiceNow service page