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Request a Departmental Email Account

To request a Departmental Email Account:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the ServiceNow icon under Applications.
  3. Click Department Email under Need new Service? 
  4. Select Self or On Behalf of under Options.
    • Note: Select On Behalf of, if you're opening a request on behalf of someone else.
  5. Select Name of person requesting the service.
    • Note: Your name is the default. If you're submitting a request on behalf of someone else, click the magnifying glass search icon to search for their name. Verify the user you selected is correct by hovering the mouse pointer over the User Information icon.
  6. Select the City and ensure the Contact Number is correct.
  7. Answer the following questions:
    • What is the name of the UTRGV Departmental Email account? (Enter the name you want to use for this email account.)
    • How do you want the name to appear for this UTRGV Departmental Email account? (Enter the name you want recipients to see when they receive an email from this account.) 
    • What is the business purpose/justification for this UTRGV Departmental Email account? (Enter the reason this email account is needed, e.g., "Need centralized location for incoming departmental faxes.")
    • Who will be the primary owner? (Use the magnify glass icon to search for the person's name.). Enter Primary Owner Email.
    • Who will be the primary delegate? (Use the magnify glass icon to search for the person's name.) Enter Primary Delegate Email.
      • Note: The primary delegate and the primary owner can be the same person. 
    • Do you need to add more delegates to this UTRGV Departmental Email account? (Select Yes to add more delegates.)
      • Note: To add more delegates, use the magnify glass icon or scroll bar to search for delegates by name. Click on their name and verify that the UTRGV email address listed is correct, then click the arrow in the center to move them to the selection list on the right.  

8. Click Order Now.

Approval Notification Process

  1. You will receive an email notification asking you to approve the request. Once you approve it, it will route to the next approver.
  2. You will receive another email notification when your request has been completed. You can then access the UTRGV Departmental Email account using the instructions.

To learn more about this service, visit the Departmental Email service page