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Invite Non-UTRGV Participants to a Skype for Business Meeting

Non-UTRGV Skype for Business meeting participants do not need to install Skype for Business on their computer to join a meeting. When first joining a Skype meeting, participants will be prompted to install a Skype plug-in that allows participants to share:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Desktop
  • Whiteboard
  • Attachments

PLEASE NOTE:  We recommended that you test your connection to ensure everything is functioning correctly prior to joining a Skype for Business meeting.

Meeting Organizer

To create a meeting invitation:

  1. Open your Outlook calendar.
  2. From the ribbon, select New Skype Meeting.
  3. From the ribbon, click on Scheduling Assistant.
  4. Enter attendee's email address in Click here to add a name.
  5. Enter email addresses for all meeting attendees.
  6. Click OK when done.
  7. Select the Start time and End time at the bottom.
    • NOTE: If a room is needed, click Add Rooms to search for room locations.
  8. From the ribbon, click Appointment.
  9. Enter a subject in the Subject Line.
  10. Verify Start time and End time.
  11. Verify attendees.
  12. Click Send.

For more information, see the Skype for Business Step-by-Step Video Guide.