IT Green Initiatives

Go Green! Did you know UTRGV 878.68 trees, that produces 92,993.8 kilograms of C)2, which is equivalent to 5,882,487.8 bulb hours

Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint!

Printing Awareness Overview

This report illustrates the printing statistics for the Academic year 2016-2017 and a comparison of printing from Academic year 2015-2016

  • Number of users = 28,324
  • Number of Printers used by Students = 159
  • Total pages printed  9/1/16 - 9/1/17 =  10,603,142
  • Total printers in Edinburg = 79
  • Total printers for Brownsville = 9
  • Student’s unused printing credits are automatically rolled-over from fall to spring and summer terms, but resets in the fall

Organization Impact on the Environment

Trees Consumed - Corresponds to the number of trees used to make the paper

Carbon Dioxided Produced (Co2) - Corresponds to the amount of greenhouse gases released to produce the paper

Total sheets of paper* used = 7,332,349

Reams of paper used = 14,645

Cases of paper used = 1,464

Pallets of paper used = 36.5

Last Report on 9/1/2017