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Software Assessment

Software Assessment is the starting point to ensuring that, among other things, new software/technology meets technical, security, and accessibility requirements, adequate resources are available, requirements are fully identified, duplication of software on campus is avoided, and timelines are set in the best interest of the University and not necessarily vendor-driven. Software Assessment aligns key University stakeholders and provides a single starting point for software assessment that was previously tracked through disparate processes leading to more effective and efficient procurement and implementations.

To avoid duplication, first, review the Software Inventory. If a similar software is available in the Software Inventory, contact the listed owner to obtain additional information such as use case (usage scenario), cost, and contact information. If the use case of the software is different or a software assessment has not been completed within the last year, a new software assessment may be required. Please check with to confirm. For software that is not available in the Software Inventory, please complete the Software Assessment Request (SAR).

All software must be assessed by the submission of the Software Assessment Request (SAR) before purchase or installation on University information resources regardless of cost.

Please note that upon completion, Information Technology (IT), Information Security (IS), Electronic Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility, and/or the Treasury may request additional steps or information to be submitted.

For help completing the SAR, see the Software Assessment Knowledge Base Article.

For more specific information on technical, security, and accessibility requirements, please visit these links:

For any additional questions regarding Software Assessment, please contact the IT Project Management Office at