For Researchers

June 1, 2020 - UPDATE: Interim Policy for the Continuation of Human Subjects Research with In-Person Component through the COVID-19 Outbreak

Researcher's Handbook

Understanding IRB processes

6 steps IRB review with arrows

You must undergo training depending on the type of study you intend to conduct.

What type of training do I need to take?

All individuals involved in research must complete financial conflicts of interest reporting on a yearly basis. If a new financial interest is acquired that requires disclosure (relates to a project you are working on) you must submit a new form or report it online within 30 days. Contact the Office of Research Compliance at (956) 665-2093.

Students who are not employed by UTRGV must complete this Outside Activity Disclosure (OAD) form. Please submit your OAD form on Tick@Lab with your submission.

  • If you are being added to a project either through an amendment or a continuation, please include the completed form on either the Amendment tab, Continuation tab, or the Personnel tab.
  • If you are submitting a new project, you may attach the completed form on the Personnel tab.

All UTRGV employees must log into the UT System Outside Activity Portal.

  • Acknowledge the policies and answer the status questions in the Portal.
  • Report any outside activity disclosures by clicking on ‘Make New Disclosure’ in the Portal.
  • If you have nothing to report, please click on ‘Report No Activity’ in the Portal.

There are three levels of review for human subject studies.

What level of review does my study need?