About Us

Mission Statement

The Office of International Programs and Partnerships collaborates with UTRGV students and faculty to create enriching academic and research experiences on campus and abroad. These experiences foster intellectual and personal growth for the UTRGV community preparing our students to be leaders in the Rio Grande Valley and in the world.

What We Do

In support of  UTRGV’s strategic plan, the Office of International Programs and Partnerships contributes to the core priority of student success through the creation of study away and study abroad programs. We also contribute to the key area of focus of being a bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate institution through study abroad programs. We contribute to the key area of focus of globalization through the creation of new relationships with foreign universities, through study abroad programming, through student exchanges, and through faculty exchanges.

As part of the Office of Global Engagement, and in close collaboration with UTRGV faculty, the Office of International Programs and Partnerships

  • Plans and manages study abroad and study away programming;
  • Seeks and secures extramural funding for study abroad and study away;
  • Advises students on scholarship opportunities for study abroad;
  • Advises students and faculty on study abroad and study away programming;
  • Creates and maintains relationships with foreign universities and other entities;
  • Administers institutional scholarships for study abroad and study away;
  • Organizes the Exchange Visitor Program (J-1); and,
  • Engages in outreach to the campus community and the Rio Grande Valley.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is committed to student success. The Office of International Programs and Partnerships is committed to providing transformative learning experiences that put students in contact with different peoples, cultures, and languages across the globe.



Study Abroad

Each year hundreds of students participate in academic experiences abroad. The majority of UTRGV students enroll in Vaqueros Study Abroad programs led by our own UTRGV faculty. These programs are a few weeks in length and offer students the chance to experience a new culture with the close support of fellow UTRGV students and a faculty member. Through exchange agreements with partner institutions abroad UTRGV students also enroll directly in courses at a university abroad for a semester or longer. Finally, UTRGV students can also attend study abroad programs managed by third-party entities. 

Agreements of Cooperation

Schools and Departments conducting research or academic exchanges with institutions abroad rely on International Programs and Partnerships to provide support and guidance on the establishment of Agreements of Cooperation. We have the experience and knowledge to complete this legal process in compliance with established institutional norms. Create a Partnership

Visiting Scholars

International Programs and Partnerships provides US immigration leadership for obtaining J1 visas for international scholars conducting research with Schools and Departments at UTRGV. We also facilitate the integration of these scholars into the campus community through logistics support and event planning.