UTRGV Vaquero Mascot

Mascot Tryouts

“The purpose of a mascot is to symbolize school and community spirit used to enhance the tradition and emotions of its audience through exaggeration, characterization, and entertainment” (Universal Cheerleaders Association).

The Vaquero mascot will represent the University as an ambassador and entertainer at campus and off-campus (community) events.


  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Physically capable of performing required stunts and activities (depends on the skills that can be performed)
  • Ability to positively interact well with children
  • Responsibility
  • Spontaneity
  • Self-discipline

To be a member of the UTRGV Mascot Program, a student must meet the following qualifications. 

  1. Must be enrolled as a full-time student (at least 12 undergraduate or 6 graduate credits per semester) throughout their affiliation with the Mascot Program.
  2. Must have and maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA at all times.

Before Tryouts: 

1. Interested students must fill out the Tryout Information Sheet and email it to spirit@utrgv.edu by or before Friday, November 2, 2018 (until noon). 

2. Submit a copy of your current class schedule and/or acceptance to UTRGV if a new student.

Mascot Program Guidelines 

Day of Tryouts:

Mascot performers will be asked to perform a number of movements/actions, some to music and some without music to give the Spirit Program an idea of what you would bring to being UTRGV Vaquero.

We ask that everyone be on time and ready to perform. Late arrivals will not be allowed to tryout at this time. 

What to Wear: It is suggested that students wear a t-shirt, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes for the performance. If your hair is long, it must be put up and secured. No exposed jewelry or body piercing's will be allowed.

What to Bring: You do not need to bring anything with you except yourself, the previously mentioned attire, a change of clothing if you desire, a towel, and of course the enthusiasm to give it your all in your try-out as UTRGV Vaquero.

For more information on tryouts you may contact the Spirit Program at (956) 665-7364 or email us at spirit@utrgv.edu



Mascot Costume Winner Option A

Thank you to all who cast their votes and helped us  make history with the selection of the first Vaquero mascot costume! With over 2,500 votes you all selected Option A as the costume that our first UTRGV Vaquero will wear.

For detailed information on the costume and the symbolism in each of the pieces, click on the image above.