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Alma Mater Selection

UTRGV's Alma Mater Selection

It's time to select UTRGV's Alma Mater. Thank you to all the students who submitted lyrics and participated in the Alma Mater contest. Below you will find three versions of the alma mater with distinct lyrics.  Follow the steps shown below to vote for the lyrics that you believe best align with the university's spirit. 

Step 1. Listen to the available versions of the audio. Note: The music is the same, the lyrics are different. Below are the PDF versions of the lyrics:

Version A Lyrics

Version B Lyrics

Version C Lyrics

*Google Chrome is recommended to listen to the audio*

Version A   Version B   Version C


Lift up our colors, go vaqueros.
RGV strong, together we stand.
Proudly we sing, and rise together.
Grey, green, and orange,
Vaqueros at heart.

UT at RGV, proud are we.
One by one, we are one,
strong as a team.
UT at RGV, we are one,
Vaquero family, everyone.

Proudly vaqueros, orange honor.
Faithful are we, UTRGV.
One day we’ll part, but stay together.
Our hearts will hold thee,
forever with glee.

(Repeat chorus)

South as you go in Texas you'll find us.
Here we reside with courage and pride.
Orange we wave in victory and valor.
When we face troubles our unity stands.

Vaqueros stand strong
and raise up as one.
Watch us grow in mind and spirit as alum,
to cultivate minds and the progress of home.
If you're a Vaquero you'll never stand alone

Blessed be the time that we spend on campus
working hard to achieve all of our goals.
Once we are through we will never forget you.
Una Familia unida tu y yo.

(Repeat Chorus)

Gather as one in voice ascending
raising the song and anthem to thee.
Orange and grey, your reign's unending;
Hail to the mighty U.T.R.G.V.!

Strength and devotion, we shall sustain.
True to your colors we shall remain.
Ever our song shall be raised on high.
U.T. Vaqueros til' we die!

Joyful our days in halls eternal
knowledge and skill forever endured.
Let it be said "your loves' maternal".
Nurturing wisdom which all are ensured.

(Repeat Chorus)

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