Alma Mater

Alma Mater Selection

UTRGV's Alma Mater

Congratulations to Roberto Garza for making his mark in history! His lyrics have been chosen by the students of UTRGV as the official UTRGV Alma Mater.


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Author: Roberto Garza II


Gather as one in voice ascending

raising the song and anthem to thee.

Orange and grey, your reign's unending;

Hail to the mighty U.T.R.G.V.!


Strength and devotion, we shall sustain.

True to your colors we shall remain.

Ever our song shall be raised on high.

U.T. Vaqueros til' we die!


Joyful our days in halls eternal

knowledge and skill forever endured.

Let it be said "your loves' maternal".

Nurturing wisdom which all are ensured.

(Repeat Chorus)



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