We Love Our Donors Day

What happens when you set aside a day for gratitude?  You learn there are hundreds of colorful ways to say thank you.  The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley community showed appreciation for UTRGV’s generous donors during We Love Our Donors Day in 2017. Participants wrote thoughtful thank you notes, designed posters and recorded heartfelt video messages.  We Love Our Donors Day, hosted by the Division of Institutional Advancement, was held on February 14, 2017 at the Student Union in Edinburg and February 16, 2017 on the Student Union Lawn in Brownsville.

Andrea Navarro, a College of Education and P-16 Integration junior, enjoyed the chance to thank the kind donors enhancing her education. “Their donations give us the opportunity to look forward to our future and make a difference,” said the English teacher-in-training.  “We get to show that we are appreciative of what these donors have done for us.”

UTRGV donors impact all areas of the university including student scholarships, research, special programs, the School of Medicine, all colleges, and Athletics. For some participants, We Love our Donors Day was the first time they learned about the important difference donors make across UTRGV campuses.

UTRGV College of Fine Arts freshman Jonathan Barrera attended the Brownsville event.  “When I was told there are people actually behind all this that help us financially, I wanted to thank them,” Barrera said.  “They opened a gateway, a door for me to be here and I just love that.”

The goal of we Love Our Donors Day was to increase awareness and gratitude. The hope is the generous people who are changing lives and giving from the heart will know at UTRGV we truly love our donors!

Enjoy the We Love Our Donors Day photo galleries:

Edinburg Campus Gallery

Brownsville Campus Gallery

Street Team Edits Gallery