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The UTRGV Class of 2020 is experiencing a final semester unlike any other. Join UTRGV Alumni in supporting these seniors and graduate students by completing our Grad Messages form to share your best wishes for the newest #UTRGVAlumni!

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Even though this commencement is a little different than I imagined it being like, I’m so full of joy and thankfulness that I simply don’t have space left in my heart for negative emotions about this unforeseen reality. Ephesians 3:20 says, “God has more in store for you than you can even imagine”. So, I believe, with all of my heart and soul, that the reason this graduation isn’t quite like we might have imagined, is because God has something even more amazing coming our way. Class of 2020, rejoice in this accomplishment and laugh without fear of the future. We did it! #QuarantineClassOf2020 #UTRGVAlumni

Sabrina Solis, ‘20

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020! You made it! Sacrifice, tenacity, hard work are just a few words to describe you. Your family, friends, professors, and the rest of us will be cheering for you this Saturday. Make time to enjoy this milestone. Now is time to envision the biggest dream and make it come true. Welcome to the Alumni Family.

Carlos A. Rios, ’07 &’14

McAllen, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020!! I hope you all realize that your ability to push through adversity will be the biggest skill you will take to your careers. My education at UTRGV (Brownsville) has been the biggest stepping stone to where I am today! My best advice is: Never forget where you come from but don't let it define where you want to go. Cheers to you!

Andrea Torres, ‘16

Washington, D.C.


Congratulations to the entire class of 2020!

Cynthia Gonzales, ‘20

Harlingen, TX

Congratulations! Another milestone, even through all the changes and obstacles. You can say, You Did It!

Erica Rodriguez, 09

San Marcos, TX

Congratulations, Vaqueros! Your perseverance and determination paid off. It's a new world out there, but we know you will be able to achieve your dreams! V's up!

Alisha Puentes, ‘13

San Juan, TX


CONGRATULATIONS! Believe in yourself as much as we believe in you! Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you've always anticipated! BLESSINGS TO THE CLASS OF 2020!

Patricia Gonzalez Cardoza, ’98 & ‘06

Pharr, TX

Congratulations! We are very proud of you!

Ruben V. Rodriguez

Elsa, TX

For my fellow 1st generations, "You Did It!" For all Graduates, "Congratulations!!"

Angela Bazaldua, ‘09

San Antonio, TX


Congratulations Class of 2020! You all have faced a semester unlike any other. We are all so proud of you overcoming it and finishing strong! We wish you the best of luck in all of your journey ahead. Go Vaqueros! #RallyTheValley

Tori Lozano, ‘22

Brownsville, TX

You did it, we are so very proud of you! All your hard work, long nights, and perseverance has paid off. You mastered it!!!

Brenda Cantu, ‘20

McAllen, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020, YOU did it! I wish everyone the best in their future!

Samantha Aleman, ‘21

Alamo, TX


Wonderful job and all students, especially Valerie Garza, on graduating under the most unusual and life-changing circumstances. Such resilience will help you obtain all your dreams.

Lisa Garcia Garza, ‘91

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations to the UTRGV Class of 2020! I wish you nothing but continued blessings in your future!! Keep shining bright!!

Sara Tudon, ’99 & ‘05

Los Fresnos, TX

We just want say Thank-you for believing in yourself, and never letting go of our Heavenly Father's hand. May our Lord God continue to be your Beacon of Hope, Remember Baby Steps!!!!

Mary Flores Jilpas, ‘88

San Juan, TX


Congrats!! I’m so proud of you!!

Faride Castillo, ‘20

McAllen, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020! With all that is happing around the world it did not stop the class of 2020 from graduating. I feel so enthusiastic with what is to come.... you did it!!!!!! Congratulations!

Jonathan Garcia, ‘21

Harlingen, TX

Congratulations to the UTRGV graduating class of Spring 2020. With all that is happing around the world you all stayed focused and dedicated towards your studies, and here is the reward that after years you all pursued.

Alicia Tarello, ‘20

Harlingen, TX


Congratulations class of 2020!

Calberto Gracia, ‘84

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations to the UTRGV graduating class of Spring 2020.

Phyllis Hurst, ‘20


So proud of your accomplishment. Congratulations and God bless. We Will has become We Have. Your future awaits you to open new doors and you have gotten one of the best keys at UTRGV.

Luis Gustavo Garcia, ‘20

Brownsville, TX


Congratulations Class of 2020, from alumni Class of 2017!

Rosie Villarreal Adame, ‘17

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Joena Rendon

Edcouch, TX


Norma Granados

Edcouch, TX


Dear UTRGV Graduates of 2020, it may have seemed you were jumping thousands of hurdles to get to the finish line, but you did it. Remember in life, it doesn’t matter whether you’re first or last - what matters today is that you finished the race despite the unknown. May God continue to protect each one of you and our world.

Leticia Nieto Urrutia, ‘13

Donna, TX

Hello everyone, I wish you the very best. You have done it, congratulations!!! It has not been easy but it was worth it and at the end of the day, you will have your reward. Keep going and never give up!!

Doris V. Cedillo Clemente

Congratulations graduate! You have come so far on your journey, and learned so much along the way. Embrace this new beginning. Continue to persevere, hold your head high, be kind, be inquisitive, and lead by example. The world is yours!

Kara Lara, ‘14

Mission, TX


Congratulations on your graduation! You should be very proud of this accomplishment, we are excited to see all the wonderful things that this class is going to accomplish. A very special stage of your life begins now, so while things seem a little uncertain and why lie, unfair, know that the best really is yet to come and these past few years are just the foundation of an incredible future.

Sara Hernández, ’10 & ‘12

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020! Even though you have to experience graduation differently, you should know that what really matters is not the graduation ceremony but the fact that you have accomplished what the majority don’t. To receive a degree from a university is not an easy task. It takes determination, resilience, and faith. These are the same ingredients you will need after college to succeed in life. I wish every graduate the best of luck in all of their future endeavors. May God bless each and every one of you. Go Vaqueros!!

Rafael Munguia, ‘01

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! What a finale to your education journey!!! You have outstandingly managed to overcome these unprecedented times by adapting and persevering. This is a true accomplishment. Remember this time as you go through life. You can conquer most adverse situations through adaptation. I wish you the best in your careers and may you continue your journey of learning. Go 2020 Graduates!!!

Rachel Nino Coronado, ’77 & ‘85

Edinburg, TX


Congratulations UTRGV 2020 Graduate! You have worked hard to achieve your goals and now you are on your way to seek new vistas, dream new dreams, embark on who you are, embrace life with passion and keep reaching for your star. Go for it! Nothing can stop you now. Wishing brighter opportunities will come your way and you achieve success in all of them! Once again, congratulations on your latest achievement!

Norma Vera, ‘92

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Despite the hardships and being away from a regular school setting, you did it!! Wishing you success and happiness as you continue to venture on this exciting journey. God bless you.

Melva Ayala Perez, ’90 & ‘02

Mission, TX

Class of 2020, many spectacular things are coming your way. You've had it rough this year with not having a graduation to say farewell to your fellow classmates. We can't change the past, but take advantage to mold your future.

America Rangel

Brownsville, TX


Congratulations to you all Class of 2020! It is no doubt a difficult time in history. However, in the darkest of times, it is easier to see the brightest of stars. You are the bright stars in the darkness. Your hard work and achievements have prepared you to tackle the challenges of life. This is your time to come together and use the knowledge and skills you have learned to explore and transform our communities and society. This is your time to grab a hold of uncertainty and fear and let it drive your resilience, passion and innovation. Let integrity be your foundation. Let truth light your path. And let justice and wisdom weave your character. Class of 2020, you are the guardians of the future!

Maricela Lizcano, ’04 & ‘06

Cleveland, OH

To all graduating social work students! Congratulations on your accomplishment. I know your last semester was not what you envisioned it to be; it was confusing (you stepped up to the challenge), nerve wrecking (you persevered ), had to re-shift how to complete academic expectations (resilience) and applied critical thinking (accomplishment). Through all this you did it! As you transition into your professional role as a social worker, look back at this time, not through the lens of uncertainty but through the lens of what you gained through this experience. Congratulations, I wish all of you the best and keep moving forward!

Nelda Rodriguez

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations! You made it! I know the struggle to finish, and the feeling to know you are done, done, and done! Now the journey starts… It is now a ticket for someone to talk to you and the unknown might make you feel nervous! Stay strong, keep your head up and know that God will take you to the right path of success, because failure is not an option. My best wishes and I know you will do awesome because UTRGV creates only the best!

Myra H. Taylor, ‘09

McAllen, TX


Congratulations 2020 Grads!!!! Very proud of you!!!

Anahi Pineda, ‘07

San Antonio, TX

Congratulations on your degree!

Joseph Archer

McAllen, TX

Even with this coronavirus pandemic, YOU DID IT! CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!

Enedina Aleman, ‘08

McAllen, TX


Congratulations on your graduation! You will forever be a part of history for the year of the COVID. For that same reason, you will stand out in history and have this great opportunity to show the world what you are able to accomplish in the future!! Best wishes always!! Make UTRGV PROUD!!!

Gilda Trevino, ‘04

Houston, TX

COMD Seniors and COMD Graduates......We may have not been able to celebrate our normal way but know that I wish you the very best on your next path! You are graduating with all the knowledge and ability to be successful on your next path. Graduates go out and educate others about speech language pathology.... remember your superpower is COMMUNICATION!!!

Keri Gonzalez, ‘89

Mission, TX


Elizabeth Garza, ‘09

San Juan, TX


Congrats! We are incredibly proud and inspired by your hard work and determination to succeed.

Daniel Soto

Brownsville, TX

Ten years ago, I was in your situation, the only difference was that I did not have to deal with COVID-19 during finals. On the bright side, you are almost done. Be strong! Have faith. You can do it. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Normita Garza, ‘10

San Antonio, TX

Great congratulation to all the UTRGV graduates!

Lou Griffin, ‘14

Castroville, TX


Blessings to every 2020 UTRGV graduate!! May the Lord direct your steps!

Denise Barrera, ’04 & ‘12

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations to the UTRGV Class of 2020! Just last month you were scheduled to walk at your Commencement, surrounded by family and friends. No one knew that what we would be going through with this pandemic, but you did it, you continued with your studies and your enthusiasm. No one said it would be easy but you excelled and persevered and now you are part of the Class of 2020! Congratulations!

Cynthia Guerra, ‘98

Edinburg, TX

Education is the only investment that you yield 100% returns. This is the best investment that you can make to yourself. Keep learning!

Nadia Theys

Santa Rosa, TX


I love clapping and cheering for each of you celebrating your success. It is a different world, but it is YOUR world. With your degree in your hand, ambition and passion in your heart go out and make your mark. Congratulations UTRGV 2020 Graduates! Forever Vaqueros!

Sharon Helsley McGinley, ‘92

Port Isabel, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020! Wish you the best on all your future endeavors. Always try your best!

Mary Compean Longoria, ‘94

Corinth, TX

Felicidades a todos!

Aracely Esparza

Brownsville, TX


Dear Graduates, This pandemic may be disrupting your planned graduation experience and for that I am sad with you. But I believe that disruption is usually a good thing because it creates change and forces us to adjust our perspective and actions. I urge each of you to stay in touch with each other as you embark on your careers in a way that those before you have not done. Don't let graduation be the last day you spend together but let it be the first day of a new way of staying in touch. The friends, colleagues and advisors you have spent the last 4+ years with will prove invaluable as you move forward! Congratulations Class of 2020!

Deborah Posada, ‘86

Sherman Oaks, CA

Class of 2020, earning your degree will undoubtably change the trajectory of your life. As you continue in study for an advanced degree or as you launch your career, don’t forget about everything it took to earn your degree. Every commute to campus, every late-night studying, every sacrifice you and your loved ones made to help you earn this degree will continue to serve as a source of strength as you work through future challenges. Best of luck y mil felicidades por este gran logro! Remember that UTRGV will always be home!

Bonnie Bustos-Ríos, ‘06

College Station, TX

I am a proud Texan and first-generation student and I can attest to the power of education having received my bachelor's and masters from UTB/TSC. The transformative experience my education has gifted me is something I will always cherish. It has been a true honor and pleasure being able to continue my career as a higher education professional and give back to other students from my community at UTRGV. Commencement is a culmination of hard work and sacrifice and while your future is yet to be determined, rest assured that you have some power tools at your disposal to take advantage of opportunities that will come your way.

Sergio Martinez, ‘03

Brownsville, TX


Congratulations Class of 2020, although we cannot see you graduate in person, we stand beside you in this time of uncertainty. One thing is certain is that throughout all of this you succeeded. May you always reflect the good times and the struggles that this journey took you to. Best Wishes for a great success. Go Vaqueros!!!!

Olga Rivera Garcia

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations!! I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Best of Luck! Remember to always do your best, work hard, and love what you do.

Maribel Martinez, ‘06

Olmito, TX

Congratulations Grads! All those late-night studies and restless nights when a paper or project had to be done has finally paid off. You all have finally reached the finish line. This is not the end but only the beginning of your career path and great things are yet to come. Wish you all the best and congrats once again.

Ludibina Rivas, ‘18

Mercedes, TX


You have achieved a great milestone Class of 2020! Congratulations on all your future endeavors.

Antonia Garza, ‘19

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020!! YOU DID IT!

Sabrina Garcia, ‘19

Donna, TX

Congratulations to all UTRGV graduates. You did it! Best wishes in all your future endeavors!

Tim Sears, ‘06

Weslaco, TX


Shout out to all the 2020 graduates for not giving up when times became hard!!! Go Vaqueros!

Kimberly Chacon, ‘19

McAllen, TX

Congrats!!! So proud of you!

Stacie Morales, ‘19

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations on your last stop on a new journey for you all. These last parts of the journey became more of an unexpected thrill ride on how fast life can spin out to let you rewind and make a curve or new path to your next goal in life. Keep safe, aim for your new goals, and celebrate each day regardless of life's bumps.

Juanita Mendez, ‘10

Weslaco, TX


Dear Class of 2020, YOU DID IT! Congratulations on such an outstanding accomplishment! During unprecedented times such as this, you worked through adversity and a whole new learning experience via Zoom and other social media applications. I’m sure it made your school work much more difficult. I am proud of each and every one of you. Welcome to the UTRGV Alumni Group! Please continue to be safe, vigilant, aware of your surroundings and most importantly, celebrate with your family! This is not an easy accomplishment. YOU deserve it because YOU did it! Congrats Class of 2020.

Carlos Pimentel, ‘18

Edinburg, TX

2020 UTRGV Graduating Class, Don't worry about a thing. Because every little thing is going to be alright (Bob Marley). Although I was from the UT Brownsville Graduating Class of 2011, what you don't know is that I was from the Silicon Valley Milpitas High School Graduating Class of 1981. In other words, it took me 30 years to get my bachelor’s degree. I now have my Master's Degree from UT Health. Graduating Seniors, Keep fighting the good fight! Never Give Up! And I mean never, as long as your lungs have breath in them. GO Vaqueros!!!! Go UT RIO GRAND VALLEY! You Got This! Make it Happen!!! I did!

David Hebert, ‘11

Tomball, TX

Congratulations class of 2020! What a time to be alive! I commend you greatly for your academic achievements and I encourage each of you to continue striving for greatness! This is only the beginning of a prosperous future! We are all in this life together one way or another, be the best role model you can be in your community. Best of luck in your careers and continued blessings! Cheers!

Carlos De La Fuente

San Benito, TX


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020! So happy to have been part of your journey toward a better future for you and for your families! May you always continue to learn and be open to exploring ideas and perspectives different than your own, may you always be ready to lead with a servant-leader's heart, may you always be ready to live life with integrity, respect and love for humankind! Congratulations!

Dora Garcia Saavedra, ’73 & ‘75

McAllen, TX

You will forever remember the events of your final semester that will turn out to be a catalyst for where you go from here. You have proven you have the intellect and perseverance to accomplish your current educational goals. You will now have a lifetime in which to apply them and continue learning to create your own future. Time is on your side and what you are learning about the human experience in this time of viral pandemic will be of significant value in how you pursue the evolution of your life. Make every day count and you will build the framework for a great life.

David Negrete, ‘77

Austin, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020! Though this has been a trying year for everyone, the fact that you accomplished THIS, despite everything else, speaks volumes of your dedication, ambition, perseverance, and above all, your faith to take on ANY obstacle!! I am extremely proud of YOU and of your accomplishment. This is only the beginning. The BEST is yet to be. CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU DID IT!!

Sabina Guerrero, ’98 & ‘08

Brownsville, TX


Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. While your final semester had its own unique challenges, take those lessons and experiences and use those to better prepare for your career or next phase of your educational journey. As a fellow alumnus, I wish you the best of luck!

Juando Morales, ‘14

San Antonio, TX

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done. Remember this day that all things are working together for your good because of your courage and determination and because you have been called to contribute to our society with the talents and gifts you have been given and developed.

Jesus De Leon, Jr., ‘62

Harlingen, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020.

Calberto Gracia, ‘84

Edinburg, TX


Congratulations Graduates! We are excited to have you as UTRGV Alumni. In the face of adversity, you have persevered, and I have no doubt that you all will do amazing things.

Monica Vera, ‘19

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020!! You just achieved the biggest goal of your lives, now go out there and make something of yourself!!!

Christopher Estrada, ‘19

La Feria, TX

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! You did it! Best wishes on your next adventures. Keep shooting for the stars!

Miranda Montes, ‘19

Edinburg, TX


Congratulations UTRGV newest graduates. Better days are ahead once we get out of quarantine.

Mabel Tufuoh, ‘18

Fargo, ND

This time is different but you will shine hard once we are back! Congratulations on your achievement! Keep up and never let your crown fall!

Cecilia Compean, ‘16

McAllen, TX

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 for all your accomplishments! You did it! All your hard work and dedication will soon pay off! Don’t let this stop you from pursuing your higher education and continue learning and go get your master’s and doctoral degree! Go Vaqueros!#2020

America Arreguin-Contreras, ’04 & ‘11

Edinburg, TX



Belinda Gonzalez, ‘89

Corpus Christi, TX

Congratulations on a job well done! Follow your dreams and reach for the stars! #2020QuarantineGraduates #UTRGV

Juana Alicia De la Garza Cortez, ‘01

Brownsville, TX

At the moment the world may seem to be a scary place but don't be afraid to go out and follow your dreams! Your journey is only beginning.

Annabel Gonzalez, ‘13

Rio Grande City, TX


You did it! Given the circumstances, you persevered through the challenges of COVID-19 and completed your degree. You were thrown a curveball but instead of giving up, you were able to finish strong. Remember this time, not for the fact that this situation took away a proper graduation, but for the fact that you adjusted to the situation, you adapted as much as you can, and finally overcame to get your degree. Again, you did it! Congratulations Class of 2020!

Brittany Claramunt

Corpus Christi, TX

In the words of Nelson Mandela, "“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Take this with you always, because even though the future is unforeseen and can be fearful, it will be what you make it, you are the beginning of a ripple for generations to come. Dream big, fight for what you believe and never ever stop believing in yourself!

Ana Victoria De La Garza, ‘16

Cleveland, OH

The greatest lessons and accomplishments don't come from following the norm or engaging in the usual. Life's greatest blessings are those that come from the moments when we are thrown out of the comfortable. The moments you are currently living are only signs of the greatness that awaits! Let it settle in your heart... you were made for incredible things! Congratulations Class of 2020!!!

Cindy Contreras Mendiola, ‘05

Laredo, TX


Congratulations class of 2020! You made it! All the sacrifices, tears, and long stressful nights of studying have paid off. Congratulations on mastering your dream. Now go out and change the world! Continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of life. V's UP! GO VAQUEROS!

Jacob Alaniz, ‘18

Mission, TX

Congrats Class of 2020! So proud of you and all your accomplishments!! You deserve it. I know you’ll continue to do great things!

Ashley Danielle Alaniz, ‘19

Mission, TX

Keep pushing for what you want no matter how many times you fall. KEEP PUSHING FOWARD!!!!!

Eddie Rivas, ‘08

Mission, TX


Congratulations graduates, you did it!!! Life only gets better from here on out. Whether you are ready for that new job or ready to begin the master’s program. You finished a goal in your life, now on to the next one!

Brenda Cuevas, ‘15

Pharr, TX

The hard work and time you have invested in your degree has not gone unnoticed! Don't let the consequences of this pandemic bring you down. At the end of the day, YOU finished college and YOU got the degree!

Lesly Caballero, ‘18

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations, Spring 2020 Graduates!

Crystal Canales

Harlingen, TX


Congratulations to the class of 2020!!! Everyone is very proud of your accomplishments, and we wish we could be there in person celebrating all your hard work and dedication!!

Edlin Costilla Saldana, ’15 & ‘19

Los Fresnos, TX

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!! You have accomplished so much, and the stage is set for your future success!! This is your time to smile and be proud!!

Isai Ramirez

Brownsville, TX

The first day of class it all seemed impossible. Yet here you are today. Congratulations graduates!

Adriana Chavez

Brownsville, TX


Students, if you made it through this semester, you will make it through anything. Congratulations!

Jose Ferrer, ‘20

Harlingen, TX

Job well done. We are so proud of you!

Massiel Munoz, ‘18

Edinburg, TX

Y'all got this! Though you all had to face challenges this semester, at the end of the day you are graduating and moving on to start your careers or further your education. Be proud of your accomplishments because you deserve to be and always keep working hard!

Deanna-Marie Gonzales, ‘19

Angleton, TX


Congratulations! We are so proud of your accomplishments! Your class will always be special as you had to overcome challenges that no one would have ever imagined. You will have a graduation story that will live on for decades!

Teri Alarcon

Brownsville, TX

Congrats to those who have worked so hard. The road will be rough but go with high spirits.

Hector Bartholomew De La Garza, ‘19

San Benito, TX

Congratulations class of 2020!! I know this year was not a conventional one, but that just gives you so much more of an accomplishment for pulling through! Proud of my fellow art students graduating this semester!

Alyssa Mercado, ‘19

Mission, TX


Congratulations, class of 2020. YOU GRADUATED! This is just one step of many fantastic opportunities ahead. I invite to continue being an inspiration for future generations and represent the best of UTRGV anywhere this journey takes you.

Luis Leal, ’15 & ’19

Mission, TX

I am so proud of all our Spring 2020 graduates. This has been a long journey for all of you. I wish you best of luck!

Norma Rodriguez, ’04

Brownsville, TX

Don’t be afraid to carve out your own path. You have all of the tools you need. Be proud of your accomplishments! You made it, Congratulations!

Nicole Englitsch, ’15

McAllen, TX


Congratulations on your graduation. Know that while we are not able to celebrate with you in person, we are all cheering you and your success!

Marisa Campirano, ’16

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations on your accomplishment! I know this is a hard time for the entire nation, but you now possess the knowledge and skills to make this world a better place. Do not be discouraged and climb up. A great destiny awaits you.

Alex Garrido, '10

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations graduates! We are so proud of your many accomplishments, as I’m sure your family and friends are, too. Don’t let this be a stopping point along your educational journey—regardless of the profession you have chosen, continue pushing yourself and don’t stop learning!

Kelli Quin, ’12

Edinburg, TX


Today I honor you. I congratulate you, Class of 2020. I honor you for your commitment and dedication to earning your degree.
My advice to you comes from John Maxwell. He shares with us to lead with change. “You lead with change by sharing your dream with those around you. Give them the opportunity to share your dream and to catch your vision.” Lead with change. Congratulations Class of 2020! Go Vaqueros!

 Yvette Padilla, ’00

Edinburg, TX

Upon completing This journey and Reflecting the steps, you took to achieve this Goal in life, Value the Victory of all the things you went through. At times you could have wanted to Quit while you were Under stress. You had loved ones, friends, and teachers that Encouraged you to keep on going. Now today you Reach your special day! Each One of you deserves a Standing ovation! Congratulations UTRGV Graduates! Arriba Vaqueros and Stand Proud Class of 2020!

Lucy Campirano, ‘02

Houston, TX

Congratulations on your amazing milestone! While our wishes come from home rather than the Bert Ogden Arena or the Jacob Brown Auditorium, the strength that you have shown in this final stretch has truly been amazing. Take this time to thank your parents, your family and your friends on our behalf for their faith, hope and love for you. As you embark on the next chapter in your life keep the lessons that you have learned in your hearts and minds, for they will help you daily. Lastly, welcome to the Vaquero Alumni Family and as always V’s up.

Rebekah Sepulveda, ’08

Edinburg, TX


Congratulations to all UTRGV graduates of 2020. We are very proud of your accomplishments.

Sergio Cordova, ‘20

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020!!! In these uncertain times it's hard to celebrate, but know that all the hard work and dedication needed to receive your degree will help you during the next steps of your life.

Juan Chapa, ‘08

Brownsville, TX

Congratulations Class of 2020! In these uncertain times, one thing is certain, you are all destined for bright futures ahead. Your start into post-university life may be unconventional, but even diamonds are created under pressure.

Victoria Brito Morales, ’14 & ‘19

Brownsville, TX


Class of 2020, I want to congratulate you all on your success. The journey up to now has definitely been interesting, but I can assure you the best is yet to come. Keep striving!

Jessica Pena, ’14

Edinburg, TX

¡Enhorabuena, Class of 2020! You did it. These are uncertain times but your hard work and dedication have paid off. You are realizing your own dreams and those of your love ones — mom and dad, abuelitos y abuelitas, and everyone in between. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. V’s Up!

Luis Lárraga

Los Fresnos, TX

All the late nights studying, all the tears and stress you may have felt—they are now worth it because you made it to today! May you always remember the gratitude of a community that believes and cannot wait to see the great things you will accomplish. You will forever be part of our UTRGV family. The pride and joy of the Rio Grande Valley. Go Vaqueros!

Karen Dorado, ’09 & ‘11

Mission, TX


Congratulations & Best Wishes! Always keep the Faith in God & Love from your family & friends! Never, Ever Give Up!

Luciano Sanchez Garza, ‘15

Weslaco, TX

Congratulations, Felicidad graduate! You have reached a milestone and perhaps your longest journey, enjoy your well-deserved accomplishment. Go Vaqueros and welcome fellow UTRGV Alumni! GO CLASS of 2020!

Irma Zuniga, ‘16

Harlingen, TX

"Stand proud! You have made it this far." - All Might from My Hero Academia. Congratulations on your accomplishment. Even those these times are hard, I can promise you it will be okay someday, as long as you keep moving forward.

Jeannette Zallar, ‘13

Edinburg, TX


Congratulations! First major step of many more to come. V’s Up!

Javier Ortiz, ‘15

Edinburg, TX

Just because there is no formal commencement, does not mean your hard work went unnoticed! Welcome to the professional world!

Rachel Leal, ‘19

Edinburg, TX

You did it! Rejoice in this moment for it will never come again.

Jessica Naranjo

Los Fresnos, TX


Congratulations to everyone in the class of 2020!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. I wish you all the very best of luck in all your future endeavors!!!

Karina Perez, ‘19

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations 2020 Graduates! Remember that while you are not able to graduate in the traditional manner, you have earned your diploma and deserve the respect that diploma demands. Hold your head up high and be proud of what you have accomplished. I am very proud to be a UTPA graduate, and I know you are proud to be a UTRGV graduate. Good Luck and God Bless you in everything you do.

Marisella Espinoza Salinas, ‘91

Lasara, TX

Class of 2020! Your career will take you through unknown twists and turns but it is your education which will be the pillar you can always lean on. Nothing can prepare you for the real world, not even college – just like how nothing could prepare you for college, not even school. Do not forget to connect with The Career Center to assist you with your job search and resume, visit Handshake to view all the jobs. Congratulations!

Mario N. Torres

Brownsville, TX


Congratulations Class of 2020! This will be a memorable year for you as you are not celebrated in the usual way. Nonetheless, you did it and you will become productive citizens to society. You are amazing! I wish you the best and hope that you continue your education and have a fulfilling career.

Antonia Olivarez, ‘19

Donna, TX

Congratulations, best of luck!

Marisela Chavez, ‘12

Edinburg, TX

Congratulations Graduating Class of 2020. This is an amazing accomplishment... and although it is VERY different, you are Special. Your dedication and perseverance should not be overlooked! Look forward to a new horizon and hope for the very best always.

Olivia Barajas Barrera, ‘19

Harlingen, TX


Dear Graduates life is a challenge, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. You have just experienced your first challenge: COVID-19 in the year of your graduation. Pay attention, it is just a challenge, all challenges have solutions to be resolved. Welcome to your new stage of life. UTRGV has provided you with the tools you need to take upon any challenge. Start using your tools. There is no special formula, the formula is inside you, every one of you will have a different way of using your tools. Remember you are all capable, EXITO! FELICIDADES! VAMOS ADELANTE! UN ABRAZO PARA TODOS. BLESSINGS.

 Oscar Luis Gonzalez, ’99

Brownsville, TX

Hey class of 2020! As a lifelong student and current teacher up in Chicago - I can attest that these are about the weirdest times I have lived through in education. You are strong and capable, and you put in the hard work to finish out the term. You have proven yourself to be resilient and adaptable. Time to go out in the world and show them what you are made of. Speaking for the other alums - we are SO PROUD of you and are happy to welcome you among our ranks.

Aaron Moring-D'Angier, ‘18

Chicago, IL

Congratulations class of 2020! You all are amazing for making it through this semester unlike any other. It sure will be one you will never forget. I pray and hope that you all remain safe and that soon, once it's safe, you get to have an in-person commencement, but for the time being let's be super grateful for the technological advancements that have allowed us to stick together and the irreplaceable power of the arts that have kept us going forward during this time. Cheers!

Sandra Barba, ‘19

Edinburg, TX