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The UTRGV Class of 2020 is experiencing a final semester unlike any other. Join UTRGV Alumni in supporting these seniors and graduate students by completing our Grad Messages form to share your best wishes for the newest #UTRGVAlumni!

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Eva Salazar, ’20

Congratulations on your well-deserved success! You did it! While this year may have presented many unforeseen events, keep in mind that you have overcome the overwhelming changes this year. Your resilience, adaptability, and grit prove you have what it takes to overcome the obstacles of life. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors and God bless. Congratulations, Fall Class of 2020. Onward, with your next journey!

San Benito, TX

Jose Vega, ’20

We did it! Everything is possible with a good attitude and with hard work... remember hard work pays off! Keep fighting for your dreams and never give up!

Hidalgo, TX

Nancy Zapata, ’20

Congratulations class of 2020, you did it!!!! My best wishes and good luck to all that comes in your future!!

Brownsville, TX

Elsa E Longoria, ’20

Counseling & Guidance cohort of 2020, "The world awaits all that you have to offer, keep achieving, keep accomplishing, but never forget to keep being the person you are today - kind, caring, and compassionate." Catherine Pulsifer Congratulations to all of you! Blessings today and always.

Brownsville, TX

Jeremy Puente, ’20

2020 has been hard on everyone but knowing that you are in your last semester will only push you to finish. You started for a reason, now leave with a purpose.

Edinburg, TX

Kholoud Androwis, ’20

Congratulations to all the 2020 graduates. It is amazing, you did it! So happy and proud of you all! Great luck in your venture and hope one day our paths will cross again!!

Corpus Christi, TX

Dr. Jay Vargas, ’99, ’03, & ’20

Congratulations to all graduates. The struggle was real. Determination is the key to success.

Worthington, MN

Michele Fawcett

Congratulations Mary Ann Aguilar and all other 2020 graduates! What a challenging year, and you all persisted and accomplished your goals despite the circumstances! You should all be very proud of this accomplishment!

San Antonio, TX

Ronald Phillips

Congratulations to all graduates for this milestone achievement! I want to especially congratulate my nephew Freddy Guzman for his courage and grace while facing many adversities, including the passing of our family matriarch. We love you, Freddy, and ask God’s blessing on you as well as your fellow graduates!

Desoto, TX

Sandra Barba, ’19

Congrats, class of 2020! You’ve made history. Don’t ever doubt yourselves because if you could graduate from the university during a global pandemic, you can do anything you set your minds and hearts to!! Vs Up!

Plano, TX

Karime Colunga

Congratulations to my big sister, Karen Colunga!! You finally did it! JR is proud of you!

San Benito, TX

Robinson Family

Congratulations Andrea Erwin from the Robinson family on earning your master’s degree! We are so proud of you, your hard work, and your dedication! Love, the Robinsons

Brownsville, TX

Julia Castillo, ’20

A grand milestone of our lives indeed!! Congratulations to all 2020 Graduates! We’re one step closer to our dreams, don’t stop now! Have faith and believe that you can do anything your heart is set on.

Brownsville, TX

Michelle Bode

We are so proud of you, Melin Mendoza!!!! Love from Michelle, Aksel, Sofia, Aksel II, and Bode in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL

Vanessa Hinojosa, ’20

Congratulations everyone! We finally did it! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Enjoy today because you deserve it. :)

Santa Maria, TX

Rene Corbeil

To all of the UTRGV Educational Technology graduates, we extend our congratulations and heartfelt THANK YOU for having selected our program to advance your educational and professional careers. It is our graduates who make this program shine. Please stay in touch. We love to hear about all the wonderful things our graduates are doing in their schools, places of work, and communities. #ImFutureReady, #ILoveEdTech

Brownsville, TX

Nicholas Gutierrez, ’20


Mercedes, TX

Nelda Farias

Congratulations to all UTRGV December 2020 graduates. Special Congrats to CALEB FARIAS. Blessings

Mission, TX

Fidel & Elsa Lozano, ’02

The impossible all of a sudden became possible in an unprecedented time. Congratulation! Class of 2020, You did it! We are proud of you. We love you!

Brownsville, TX

Noelia Salas

My best wishes to my daughter, Lisa Salas, and niece, Maribel Razo, on completing their master’s degrees. You both did it, and being full-time teachers, amazing. You preserved and fulfilled your journey. Very proud.

San Juan, TX

Maricela Salinas

Happy Graduation to my beautiful daughter. Good luck on your journey May God Bless you Love you more than you can imagine.

McAllen, TX

Marisol Hernandez, ’18

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Enjoy your day; this is definitely something you all should be very proud of!

Palmview, TX

Ethan Michael Sanchez

Today, my son, along with many others, is the proudest day of my life to see you graduate. Your determination has finally ended. May God bless this next chapter of your life. Love mom, Michelle Sanchez

McAllen, TX

Laura Espinoza, ’07 & ’16

I hope you will never forget this feeling of accomplishment. Your will and perseverance have brought you this far and will take you even further. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Congratulations grads!

McAllen, TX

Bell Garcia, ’03

Mariah Valdivia Congratulations!!! We are all so proud of your hard work and dedication. You did it!!! We love you Mer. From: Uncle Ari, Aunt Bell, Zoee, Alec

Harlingen, TX

Alfredo Morales, ’22

Love and love

Rio Grande City, TX

Danessa Peterson

CONGRATULATIONS HHP GRADS!!! I am so proud of you!

McAllen, TX

Claudia Contreras, ’02 & ’08

Congratulations, Mariah Jewel Valdivia!!! 3rd generation Graduate! We are so proud of you! Love - Auntie Cloud, Uncle Peter, Jacob & Isabella

Edinburg, TX

Marina Morales

Muchas felicidades a mi hija Yaressi Morales por haber logrado su meta de acabar su carrera Universitaria y nosotros sus padres y hermanos muy felices con ella por su logro !!! Te amamos mucho mija y estamos orgullosos de ti y este sea el principio de muchas de tus metas y sueños hechos realidad!!!

Rio Grande City, TX

Dorina L. Kingston

Congratulations, Michael Flores! Persistence pays off!!!

Mission, TX

Dorina Kingston

Congratulations Deyra Garcia! I'm so proud of you! I'm glad you're not shy anymore! Good luck in all your endeavors!

Mission, TX

Cristina Garcia, ’11

Congratulations, Class of 2020! You survived Senior year and this pandemic! The future is now yours! A special shout-out to my daughter Mariah J. Valdivia! We are beyond excited to share this amazing accomplishment with you! You ROCK, baby girl! Much love, Mom

Mercedes, TX

Joanna De La Fuente, ’20

Congratulations!! We did it! Thank you God, family, and friends.

Houston, TX

Trisha Burgess, ’20

We did it, you all! Congratulations to all of the Fall Class of 2020! Thank you to all of my professors and staff who have helped along this amazing journey!

Edinburg, TX

Flor Maldonado, ’02

Congratulations graduates! It's been a tough year, but you have succeeded and made it to the finish line. Special shout out to my family members Erik V. and Maya L.D. Love you!

Alton, TX

David Guerra, ’18

Congratulations to my beautiful wife, who has been teaching face to face and online students in a Special Ed Unit since August, and the many nights she was so dead tired that she just wanted to go to sleep by 6 pm. She was also studying to complete her final teaching certification these past few months, and despite all of the hardships was able to find the time to study and graduate with her Master’s Degree in Special Education with a 4.0! I am so proud of you bebita! Congratulations to my Wonder Woman, Magdalena Acosta!

Mission, TX

Sonia Angeles

To my daughter Lizbeth Ruiz, I am so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you, too! Congratulations on your master’s degree!! Mi ganadora!!!!

Edinburg, TX

Joseph Keith Ellert

Congratulations! Proud of all your accomplishments! You did it! Next, MBA.

Rio Grande City, TX

Lance Nail

Congratulations, Class of 2020! We are so proud of you for persevering and reaching today’s success. Go Vaqueros!

McAllen, TX

Norma L. Mayorga, ’20

Congratulations Norma Mayorga, you did it. Best wishes from dad and mom

Rio Grande City, TX

Rosalía Jeannette Guerra

We are extremely proud of you, Neny Guerra!!! There's nothing you can't accomplish!!! This is only the beginning, Kid Sister! We Love You! #FierceFamILY4Pack Danny, Jeannette, Alexito, & Vicky Bella Fierce

Houston, TX

Rosie Haynes

Jacob Soliz, Cali is so proud of you and this awesome accomplishment! Go Graduates of 2020!

Aliso Viejo, CA

Maria (Laly) Marichalar

I am so proud of all of your accomplishments María Elena Guerra. Congratulations!! From here on end, the sky is the limit. Wishing you great success in the future and loving you always, Laly Marichalar (mom)

Houston, TX

Miriam Garza

Congratulations Daniela Peña on this awesome accomplishment!! May God continue to open doors for you!! God bless you, always !! We love you!! #grad2020

Mission, TX

Jane Marie, ’21

Congratulations Meli! After long 5 years of hard work, long hours to achieve your goal, you finally did it! You continue to make us proud every single day! Congratulations, class of 2020!

Edinburg, TX

José G. Garcia, ’02

Congratulations to all Graduates. No journey is every easy, many obstacles stand in our way. Today be very proud that you all completed one journey from many that will come. To my daughter Deyra Nicole García we are extremely proud of You! Proud to be part of the Vaquero Family!

Palmview, TX

Kayla Trevino, ’17

We love you so much Gabby, and we are so proud of you!!! Go and change the world!!! - Treviños & Vallejos

Mercedes, TX

John Roach

Congrats to Lorena Devlyn! I’m so proud of you (and so glad it is BEHIND you) :-)

Austin, TX

Dora Medina, ’96

If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too, but God knows your worth. Believe in the power and favor of God for your future! So proud of you, Nina Medina! You are an amazing tribute to God's power!

Raymondville, TX

Kailah Serrano

S/O to Jonathan Serrano for being a 1st generation grad!

Brownsville, TX

Nereyda Martinez

Warmest congratulations to my brother, Jesse Martinez. Our family is very proud of you and this important accomplishment. Hard work pays off; stay humble and kind as always!! Much love

Corpus Christi, TX

Keni Hopkins

Congratulations Taylor M. Hopkins - your family is so proud of you! What an awesome milestone. Cheers to your future! Love you, Mom and Dad

Columbia Falls, MT

Megan Keniry

Congratulations Shreya, Shania and all graduates!!!

Edinburg, TX

Nina Garcia, ’02 & ’14

Congratulations Valeria Hernandez! Master of Accountancy!!

Brownsville, TX

Arturo Trevino, Jr, ’12

The journey begins. Your first stone may not be your last. I went through 15 interviews before I had my first job offer. After that job, it took another 10 interviews before my second and current job. It's ok to walk away and start again. Consider your employment history, a journey in which you will one day reach the place you are meant to be. Know that what you started as in your journey doesn't mean you will belong there for the rest of your life; changes will happen. When they do, resolve to be resilient and smell the roses along the way.

Brownsville, TX

Lucia B Carreon

Congratulations! You are off to great places, and today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! (Oh the places you'll go, Dr. Seuss). You made it! We're proud of you, best wishes!

Brownsville, TX

Aziza Zemrani

Congratulations to all Fall 2020 graduates, and special recognition to our MPA graduates from Dr. Z. All the best and wishing you success in your public service career.

Edinburg, TX

Luis Guerra

Congratulations, Class of 2020!! So happy to share in the excitement of my son Phillip's graduation day. You made us very proud. May GOD bless all graduates.

Edinburg, TX

Jamie Banks, ’20

Congratulations fellow social workers we did it!!! Quarantine didn’t stop us!!! Class of 2020!!! Vs up!

Houston, TX

Anthony C. Banks

To my sister Jamie Banks: I watched you start. I watched you stop. I saw your ups. I saw your downs. I’m glad to see your determination pay off and now you’re at the finish line. I love you sooo much. Congratulations on obtaining your MSW!

Baton Rouge, LA

Brenda Ortiz, ’20

Congratulations to all the graduates! We did it!!! Best of luck in your future...

Round Rock, TX

Fabiola Salinas, ’17

¡SI SE PUDO VAQUEROS! To Fatima Salinas: We are extremely proud of you!

Mission, TX

Yadira Mejia

Congratulations, Fall 2020 Graduates! The day of your dreams has finally arrived! Wishing each and one of you best wishes on your next journey! We're so proud of you and may you continue to inspire the world! Go Vaqueros!

Raymondville, TX

Michelle Hall, ’18

The year 2020 has definitely been a roller coaster filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and unending loops. Class of 2020, you deserve all of the accolades they are coming to you all! You have faced so many challenges and obstacles to arrive at this very moment, and I’m so very proud of you ladies and gentlemen and I wish you continued success. Congratulations on your graduation and God bless you all!

Katy, TX

Jose Pina

Big Congrats to Sonia Najera!! Me and our sons are so proud of you and your great accomplishments! Never give up!

Brownsville, TX

Kourtnie Hernandez, ’18 and ’21

To Victoria M. Torres, Congratulations! I am so proud of you for this accomplishment! And of course, you graduated with honors! I know you will achieve greatness in the future.

Edinburg, TX

Viviana Garza, ’19

Class of 2020 graduates, YOU DID IT! All of you come from different backgrounds and life experiences, but the one thing you share in common is how proud you are to attain this degree you’ve worked so hard for! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

San Benito, TX

Claudia Patricia Dole Morrison, ’12

Congratulations graduates: you did it in such challenging times! You are about to begin a new journey. Be persistent, be faithful and most importantly, enjoy this new adventure! To my graduate daughter: words cannot describe how happy and proud we are about your accomplishments. Congratulations hijita!

Edinburg, TX

Sharon McGinley

Congrats Graduates of the Class 2020! You will be recognized for your perseverance, determination, and strength. Those characteristics will carry you through great things in your future. Best wishes.

Kourtnie Hernandez, ’18 & ’21

Congratulations Ernesto Pequeno and all the graduates this fall 2020. You did it through a hard time, but you persevered.

Edinburg, TX

Gabriela Guerrero

To: Jesus D. Castillo. Congratulations on your well deserved success! Ivanka and I have had the pleasure to watch you conquer a new triumph that makes us proud and happy for you. We know all the challenges you've overcome to get this degree, and I believe in my heart that better days are coming. Maybe graduation couldn't be as we thought... with mami looking at you and shouting joyfully, Look my daddy! Love you Daddy! While you will not walk across the stage, it won't stop us from celebrating together and that is most valuable. Can't wait to see what life will take you next and what more you are going to gain! We love you!!!

McAllen, TX

Alejandro Flores, ’20

I want to congratulate everyone on making it this semester. I know times are tough right now and maybe this wasn’t the graduation you were expecting to have this semester. However, things will be better and remember to stay safe and protected!

Mission, TX

Nereyda Esparza

Felicidades Alex Esparza and the entire class of 2020!! So proud of you and can't wait for your big day! We love you very much. Keep up the good work! ADELANTE!

Austin, TX

Maria G Pequeno, ’09 & ’11

Congratulations!! The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Edinburg, TX

Stephanie Alvarez

¡Felicidades a todos los graduados y sus familias! Estamos todos muy orgullosos de todo lo que han logrado. No ha sido fácil y mucho menos este año tan difícil, pero ustedes han mostrado que todo es posible. Este logro no es solo de ustedes sino de toda la familia e incluso la comunidad. Les acuerdo lo que dijo César Chávez "El fin de toda educación debería ser sin duda el servicio a los demás." ¡Felicidades!

San Juan, TX

Mr. & Mrs. Armando and Cyndi Castro


APO AE Afghanistan

Antonia Olivarez, ’19

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2020!! YOU DID IT! Though it's been a challenging year with the pandemic, you were able to persevere and make it to the end. This is the beginning of your career. I hope that all your hard work pays off as you go out and become a productive and successful citizen. Many blessings to all especially, to my daughter Alexis Olivarez and my niece Julissa Guerrero!! Go Vaqueros!!!

Eluterio Blanco

Congrats Graduates! Remember your ability to adapt and succeed as you've done this year will take you far in your career endeavors. Be Safe and May the Force Be with You. Always.

San Juan, TX

Punit Ahluwalia

The last few months have taught all of us the value of hanging in together in the wake of the most difficult of challenges. It has shown us the value of unity over division. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

Edinburg, TX

Karen Cruz

Congratulations to all Graduates! You did it! Wishing you the best in this new chapter of your life!

McAllen, TX

Vejoya Viren

Congratulations Graduates! You stuck to your goals in the face of a global pandemic! You are resilient and brave and as you walk into the world with your degrees in your hand ... I wish you success in all your endeavors, I hope that you will be agents of change, and spread kindness and hope wherever you go. Stand tall and proud Vaqueros!

Brownsville, TX

Khalid Aada

Warmest congratulations on your graduation my dear students!! So happy to share in the excitement of this special event and moment day, and so proud of you, as well!! You did it!! It was not easy; all the difficulties and hard life experiences you’ve been struggling with, and how did we come together to prove that all your perseverance and wishes to reach the victory and make your dreams come true, deserve thoughtful words of recognition. You’ve just finished a very important and meaningful stage of your life, which is the beginning of many proud and successful moments for you. Today, we celebrate your graduation ceremony. There is no other day like this one with a lot of optimism and pride on so many faces. Studying at UTRGV has brought out the best in you with the knowledge, skills, confidence, compassion, and leadership abilities to make the lives of others better. Today is also a milestone in the history of UTRGV. I encourage you to aim for excellence, draw inspiration, and see beyond our current horizons for a better tomorrow. Thank you.

Brownsville, TX

Mabel Cortina-Matos

To Daniela Montalvo: It has been a pleasure and an honor working alongside you and watching you bloom into the incredible educator that I know you are becoming. Conquer the world Dani! #Classof2020

Edinburg, TX

Amanda Quintanilla

To all graduates, you have overcome a challenging year and I hope the next journey is filled with calmness and safe new adventures!

Edinburg, TX

Luis Leal, ’15 & ’19

Felicidades Class of 2020! Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure.

Edinburg, TX

Amy Cummins

Congratulations, UTRGV graduates in December 2020! The UTRGV faculty honor your achievement in the completion of your UTRGV degree. The faculty praise students for perseverance and dedication throughout 2020 and your entire program of study. We celebrate this milestone achievement in your life.

Edinburg, TX

Magda Garza, ’22

As a current doctoral student with UTRGV and reflecting on my academic tribulations. I can honestly say the journey has been worth it. Continue to overcome all obstacles and accomplish your goals. God bless the class of 2020.

Roma, TX

Oscar Gonzalez, ’99

UTRGV Class of 2020, dear all. You have made it to your first step of many to come. Let’s celebrate this achievement and each achievement in your life. It is not about the size of the achievement, it is about the dedication, enthusiasm, and devotion you do in every assignment, project or task that you are involved in. You only live life once, be the best always, is your life, decide how do you want to embrace it, every decision will become your companion forever. Vamos Vaqueros con TODO!!!!

Brownsville, TX

Emily Trevino

Congrats class of 2020!! Even though these are challenging times you made it! Continue to strive for your dreams!

Harlingen, TX

Carlos Alvarado, ’09

As you cherish the fruits of your hard work and dedication, I wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do. Today and always… Congratulations Vaqueros and Happy Graduation!

Weslaco, TX

Elva Martinez, ’16

Congratulations Fall class of 2020!!! May all your dreams be reached and goals met. Special congrats to Nick Ysasi! Go out there and make a difference!

San Benito, TX

Dr. Matilde Barrera, ’17

Congratulations!!! The culmination of your hard work and dedication shines bright. May God bless you in your future endeavors and may you continue to grow professionally in your career. Stay Strong!

Roma, TX

Juan Castro, Jr., ’18

Congratulations class of 2020. I applaud you all for your dedication and hard work, especially throughout these times. Your accomplishments do not go unnoticed and goes to prove that even with tough times we always dig deeper within ourselves and stay focused on the prize. There is nothing that can stop each of you from doing great things. I know that after things go back to normal there is nothing stopping the class of 2020. 2021 is your year for the taking. Congratulations once again and God bless you all and stay safe.

Laredo, TX

Noe Cantu, ’19

Congratulations! Best of luck!

Los Fresnos, TX

Jerry Walker, ’64

Dear Graduates, congratulations. I will never forget what was then, Pan American College. I grew up in South Texas and spent 8 years part-time obtaining a BA Degree. No student loans. I think the tuition was then less than $4 per hour. Anyhow, great school and I am pleased to see it is continuing to serve. Pan American gave me a start to the rest of a great life. Ph.D., a great career, and now retired comfortably in Naples, FL. Keep up the good work it’s worth it and Pan Am (UTRGV) can make it possible. Never forget.

Naples, FL

Julissa Rivera, ’13 & ’16

YOU DID IT!!!! You are at the finish line! Congratulations!! You will feel very excited when you receive your diploma in the mail, believe me. Be extremely proud of your education and diploma. Good luck with your future endeavors.

Hector Bartholomew De La Garza, ’19

To the new graduates, may you continue to strive and succeed in whatever your endeavors and your careers may take you.

San Benito, TX

Jessica Sanchez

As should you be, we are so proud of the steps you have taken to progress towards your educational and career goals. It is no small feat, especially in light of the pandemic. Keep on moving forward. Congratulations and God bless you!

Edinburg, TX

Yvonne Guidry

Wishing the graduate Class of 2020 a tremendous life filled with many more accomplishments!

Houston, TX

Marte Davila, ’20

Be Extraordinary.

Brownsville, TX

Cristina Gonzalez, ’17

Congratulations, UTRGV Class of 2020 Graduates!!! Many blessings and best wishes on your new endeavors!! #UTRGVAlumni

Mercedes, TX

Arturo Olivarez, ’15

Congratulations graduates! Whether you know it or not, you will be the next generation of leaders that the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, and the world will need. The trials and tribulations you’ve endured at UTRGV have prepared you to do amazing things. I hope y’all will reach your full potential and demonstrate to the world that the Valley is capable of producing excellent students, scholars, and professionals. Again, congratulations!

Harlingen, TX

Calberto Gracia, ’84


Edinburg, TX

Alicia McCray, ’18

Congratulations Class of 2020! I am so proud of each and every one of you! Your resilience and perseverance speak volumes, especially this year of 2020. Your determination to see this journey through is very commendable and I want to wish you much success in your career endeavors. #UTRGVAlumni

West Palm Beach, FL

Aaron Cepeda, ’15

Congratulations to all of the graduates from UTRGV in this unforeseen pandemic year. A challenge that all of you have overcome in stride and with patience. May your internal drive that helped you complete this task keep you all focused on all your life’s advantages. God bless you all.

Brownsville, TX

Isidra Moncada, ’18

Congratulations, mom!! I’m so proud of you!!!!

Pharr, TX

Jacqueline Perez Orton, ’08

Always believe you can make a difference in the world because you absolutely can. Congratulations class of 2020!

Austin, TX

Michelle Collins, ’16

I am so proud of you, Selena S. Collins!

Elsa, TX

Eva Salazar

Kristian we are proud you go. I wish you the very best on this new journey. See you soon CONGRATS AGAIN !!!! xoxoxo

Brownsville, TX

Roxy Aguirre

Congratulations Class of 2020! All your hard work has paid off. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Harlingen, TX

Fuat First

I wish all our graduates a healthy, rewarding and successful life! Please remember that education continues throughout life and keep adding to your and others' knowledge for a good and informed future for all.

Edinburg, TX

Gabriel Leal, ’13, ’16, & ’19

Congratulations on conquering your coursework! This is only the commencement as you continue to create your custom cultural imprint on the world!!

Pharr, TX

Sonia Redio Rodon, ’20

So happy to share in the excitement of our strength throughout this 2020 year, and so very proud of all of us, too!

McAllen, TX

Jacob Alarcon, ’12

Congratulations on this educational milestone.... you did it! Although it may seem as if your class has been forgotten, this class will go down in history as the class that persevered against a world-wide pandemic, remained focused, and persistent! Watch out world! This Vaqueros Class of 2020 is ready to change the world!!

Brownsville, TX

David Granadoz

Congratulations! Your hard work and effort have paid off. Think of all this time you spent studying as an investment in your future. I leave you with my two favorite lines from A Prayer by an Unknown Confederate Soldier, "I asked for all things that I might enjoy life; I was given life that I might enjoy all things." Always strive to do your best in whatever you choose to do.

Alamo, TX

Sarai Hernandez, ’19

As a former foster kid, I know a whole deal about overcoming obstacles. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Keep pushing yourself for success! If you feel like giving up, this is the moment when you grow a bit as you gain courage on becoming stronger.

Brownsville, TX

Sandra Rodriguez

This is just the beginning of something even bigger in your life. Always remember to be happy, and that everything you do in this life is for you. Don't give up! Congratulations!!!

McAllen, TX

Clarissa Salinas, '20

Congratulations to all of the 2020 graduates! Special shoutout to Ceci, Linda and Nina! I love you guys so much.

Brownsville, TX

Jasmine Jaramillo, ’19

Isaiah, I am SO proud of you! Keep amazing us with all that you do!!

Harlingen, TX

Priscilla Villa

Congrats on your hard work! Literally, not even a pandemic was able to stop you¿best wishes on your upcoming future!!

Brownsville, TX

Maggie Medrano, '06

Felicidades Graduados! Your efforts are now a dream come true. You have overcome difficult times and accomplished a higher education degree. Keep up the good work and never give up, go chase more dreams but never forget your alma mater and your community. We are very proud of you!

Mission, TX

David Garcia, '17

Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment! You absolutely earned it and deserve to feel proud of what you've done.

San Juan, TX

Leslie Yoste-Diaz, ’18

WOW! Congratulations! Always remember...if you could graduate during can do ANYTHING!

Makawa, HI

Irasema Trevino, ’10

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Now you embark on a new journey. Do not fear the unknown and be confident that the right opportunity will come your way. It is an unprecedented time, but you have to push forward. Congratulations!

Donna, TX

Maria Diaz

CONGRATULATIONS VAQUEROS!!! Not only did you face a worldwide pandemic during these trying times, but also demonstrated perseverance at the end of your college career. That really says a lot! Now all your hard work has paid off and you have proved it by reaching the finish line. May this success lead to greater achievements in the years to come! Vs up!

McAllen, TX

Josh Davis

Josh Davis, PA-S I am so proud of all of your hard work and dedication. You will soon be a certified PA and will be an excellent provider to your future patients. I love you and will continue to stand by your side in all of your endeavors.

Edinburg, TX

Noelynn Gillamac Llasos

Congratulations Class of 2020! You have already shown the world that you are strong, resilient, and capable of facing any challenge. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey ahead...remember that this is just the beginning of exciting things yet to come your way! Thank you for making this world a better place. Wherever you may end up, keep your V's up! Good luck and may you always be blessed!

Edinburg, TX

Patrick Gonzalez, '17

From one UTRGV graduate to another, congratulations on your special achievement! We are all super proud of you and your perseverance during this unorthodox semester. I can only imagine how difficult your final year was, but you pushed through it and will be better because of your hard work and dedication. Good luck as you embark on your career. And always remember to ... Keep Your V's Up!

Edinburg, TX

Karen Dorado, '11

Congratulations, graduates! You have persevered and worked so hard to get to the finish line. Your UTRGV family is so proud of you, and we cannot wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish. V's Up!

Mission, TX

Professor Jorge Vidal

Dear graduates: Successful people don’t get lucky; they create their own opportunities, and you just finished creating one of the best ones in your life! ¡¡¡Muchísimas Felicidades!!!

Edinburg, TX

Julie Truong

Your hard work and dedication paid off. As a top-ranking university, we are proud to have you graduate from UTRGV! Your success is something to be celebrated! You did it, Vaqueros!

Angel De La Cruz

Be proud of what is next to come, you’ve made it this far and looking back is no choice. Get in your gown, decorated cap and be shown to the world. A prayer will follow despite your let go. Keep learning and growing, aiming for more, and never forget where you come from… UTRGV will always be your home.

Alexa Gonzalez

You did it, you crossed the finish line! All the effort and hard work you put into your degree has finally paid off. As you enter the next phase of your life, we hope you succeed and achieve all the goals you set for yourself. We hope that you hang your degree up proudly so that everyone may see the achievement you have accomplished. These next steps in your journey will seem like the most challenging times, but with the determination you possess, you’ll be able to fulfill your purpose and potential. Remember, graduation isn’t the end but only the beginning; there are many new adventures waiting for you to discover. No matter what decision you make from here on out, you will always be a Vaquero!

Kelli Owen Quin, MA '12, MPA '20

Congratulations graduates! We are so proud of your many accomplishments, as I’m sure your family and friends are, too. Don’t let this be a stopping point along your educational journey—regardless of the profession you have chosen, continue pushing yourself, and don’t stop learning!

Edinburg, TX

Rebekah Sepulveda

Hi Vaqueros! First and foremost, congratulations on this life-changing achievement. Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” So, Vaqueros, I cannot wait to see how you change the world with the lessons you have learned at UTRGV and as always, V’s up.

Edinburg, TX

Yvette C. Padilla, MPA

Graduates, I am very proud of you. Higher ed is an exciting and challenging time, especially when you have a family and a full-time job, but you also had to endure the difficulties of a pandemic and a fall 2020 virtual commencement. Wow! Hats off to you! Cheers! To your destiny.

Edinburg, TX

Michael E. Aldape, MA ‘14

Dear Graduates, Congratulations on achieving this important milestone in your academic ventures! I know there were moments when it probably seemed impossible to finish, but you did it—you saw it through and are ready for the next chapter to unfold. Walk with pride, act with purpose, lead with integrity, and always remember to help raise the next generation that follows you along this path. V's Up!

Brownsville, TX