Student Job Search

Before applying for a Job on Campus

  1. Prepare a Resume
  2. Log in to with your credentials and select the Handshake icon
  3. Update your Handshake profile
  4. Create your application in Handshake following the Student Application Guide at Applying for Jobs in Handshake

Student Employment Options

The options in which a student can apply for student employment

  • Work-Study (WS, awarded though the Financial Aid Office)
  • Direct Wage (DW non work-study)

Student Employment Eligibility

Student must be enrolled at UTRGV in order to apply and be eligible for student employment on campus.

  • US citizens or residents must be enrolled at UTRGV (some positions may require more credit hours than others).
  • International students must be enrolled as required by the respective guidance from International Admissions and Services
  • Undergraduate student employees may work up to 19 hours per week.

Work-Study Employment Requirements (WS)

Work-study is a financial aid-based program (Federal, State or Institutional) that assists students seeking part- time student employment and is designed to assist US citizen or resident students in financing their post-secondary education.  Eligibility for financial aid is determined by a number of factors.  To learn more about Financial Aid -Work Study eligibility requirements, visit the Financial Aid webpage.  Contact information to UCentral is (888) 882-4026 or e-mail .

Direct Wage Employment Requirements (DW)

Direct wage employment offers the student with the opportunity to work on campus when the student is not eligible for a work-study award.  Any undergraduate and graduate student enrolled at least half-time during the fall and spring semester at UTRGV and meeting SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress), qualifies to work as a direct wage employee.  

International students are permitted to work on campus, under Direct Wage (non work-study) option.   A minimum enrollment of 12 credit hours per semester may be required. To learn more about additional requirements, visit International Admissions and Student Services  webpage.   Contact information is (956) 882-7092 or email


Graduate Student Assistantship

Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and Graduate Assistant are three types of assistantships offered to graduate students.   Assistantships give graduate students the opportunity to work on campus up to 20-hour per week and are based on college/institutional demands and funds.  To apply for assistantships, visit the Graduate College webpage.


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