• To gather information to fill out the basic questions in the USCIS Nonimmigrant worker status.

  • Documentation on the actual wage determination is required by Department of Labor regulations in order to ensure that employers are paying similarly situated employees equivalent salaries. This statement must specify the criteria used by the employer to differentiate among employees included in the same occupations with similar experience and education. A thorough explanation of the factors leading to the wage rate is imperative.

  • The acknowledgement of the responsibility for all applicable fee(s) for the petition being handled on behalf of Employee. The department will be responsible for all application, processing and handling fees for the employee only.

  • Support of the petition for nonimmigrant worker

H-1B Request Form 
  • Letter of Support Form: Petitioner supporting the beneficiary of the USCIS petition.

  • Position and Salary Offer Form: Affirming to USCIS the position and salary.

  • Return Travel Guarantee Form: In accordance with new H-1B regulations, the undersigned agrees to pay the reasonable costs of return transportation abroad should the individual named above be dismissed from employment before the end of the period of authorized admission in H-1B status.

  • Worksheet for Prevailing Wage Form: Gather information to fill out DOL Prevailing wages application for foreign nationals.

Export Control Certification 
  • Certification pertaining to the release of controlled technology or technical data to foreign persons in the United States.

True Copes Statement
  • True copy (or certified copy) of original documents are often needed to make sure that copies submitted are true, exact, complete and unaltered.

I-797A Approval Notice Release Form 
  • Acknowledgment that we have submitted that specific portion to the employee.

H-1B Withdrawal - End of Assignment/Return Travel Guarantee 
  • This form is intended for use by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley hiring/host departments to notify the Immigration Services (IS) of the expected completion or termination of employment of an international employee in H-1B, TN, O-1, or other nonimmigrant status. For employees in H-1B, TN and O-1 status, the information gathered here will be used by the IS to terminate employment sponsorship with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in accordance with federal regulations.

Notice of Travel Documentation 
  • There are certain documents that a foreign national will need to have within their possession when traveling within the U.S.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of LCA
  • This form will serve as acknowledgment that an employee, have received LCA documentation.

Record Sheet of Absences from the U.S

  • That will help us determine the most recent H-1B max-out date.

Employee Validation of H-1B Petition Filling 
  • Review of  I-129 Visa Petition and LCA before submittal to the Department of Homeland Security and agree that all information is accurate to the best of the employee knowledge If corrections were needed, Assured that they have been made and reviewed one final time before submission.

  • Employee is informed that IS will abandon the petition if he chooses to leave the U.S. while the petition is pending adjudication from USCIS.

H-1B Issuance Acknowledgement (Orientation)
  • This form will serve as acknowledgment that an employee, have received all documentation and orientation.

Notice of Filling Labor Condition Application (10 days) 
  • Labor Condition Application Posting Record. To be completed, signed and returned to the IS after the LCA Posting Notice has been posted for ten business days.

Employee Promotion, Demotion or Department Transfer 
  • When an H-1B or E-3 employee is promoted to a new position, demoted, and/or changes departments within University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Immigration Services must be informed. Immigration Services is required to maintain documentation explaining the change(s), the new job duties, and the new wage. UTRGV must show that the required wage rate has been met with respect to the new position and file an amended H-1B or E-3 petition if the changes are considered significant under the Dept. of Labor criteria.