Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1:  What happens if I don’t check-out or request an exception to stay on campus?

Residents must take action by March 31st to have a billing adjustment for housing charges posted to their student account.  This will affect your eligibility for a possible refund.

Q2:  Is this a cancellation process?

Unfortunately, yes, except there is no penalty for early termination due to the pandemic situation.  We invite you to return to live with us as soon as conditions resume back to normal.

Q3:  How will billing adjustments to my room and meal plan charges be determined?

Room and meal plan adjustments will be determined for the period starting March 17th and ending May 7th (end of contract term) or 51 days that were remaining in the term.  Dining dollars will be billed for actual usage up until your check-out date.

Q4:  I am on installment plans.  Will I have to continue to make payments?

We will be removing the future dated installment charges and apply any billing adjustments owed or credited to your student account based on the posting date.  Once the billing adjustments are posted, we encourage you to view your account in ASSIST to determine if any charges are owed.

Q5:  If I am on an installment plan, under what circumstances would I owe money for housing?

For the Spring term, two of the four installment payments have been required.  We will be reversing charges for your April and May installments.  We will be comparing the installment charges posted in January and March and comparing them to the total charges incurred through March 17th.   The difference will be posted as a billing adjustment.  Some charges incurred through March 17th may be greater than the installment charges posted through March.  If so, then an amount will be owed.

Q6:  How will refunds be issued?

Billing adjustments will be posted to your student account and can be viewed on ASSIST.  If you owe a balance to UTRGV, the adjustment will be applied towards the charges owed.

Q7. Will I receive a refund if I paid my room and meal plan in full?

If you do not owe any monies to the institution and did not use any grants, scholarships or waivers to pay for your housing charges, then most likely YES, you will receive a refund.  The refund amount will be processed in our student accounting system and disbursed to you.

Q8.  I am on a  scholarship that pays for all or part of my room and meal plan.  Will I be receiving a refund?

No, if you are receiving an institutionally funded scholarship,  the credit adjustment will be refunded back to the University.