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Human Dimensions of Organizations
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HDO Course Descriptions

HDOS 2301 Introduction to the Human Dimensions of Organizations

In this course, students are introduced to what organizations are and how the liberal arts can examine, analyze, and change them. The course will define an organization from a liberal arts standpoint, survey various approaches to understanding organizations, and explore career opportunities related to the Human Dimensions of Organizations.

HDOS 3320 Multidisciplinary Methods for Exploring Organizations

In this course, students will learn how to analyze and synthesize organizational studies from a liberal arts viewpoint. They will examine types of organizations, explore problems these organizations face, and consider the ways distinct methodologies might address these problems.
(Prerequisite: HDOS 2301)

HDOS 3379 Applying the Human Dimensions of Organizations

In this course, students will engage in a connecting experience that allows them to apply the multidisciplinary methods of the Human Dimensions of Organizations with an external entity. These individual projects enable students to broaden their understanding of the role of the liberal arts viewpoint in practical settings.
(Prerequisite: HDOS 3320)

HDO Course Lists

Please visit the most recent Undergraduate Catalog to view the approved courses in the subfields of Quantitative Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Creativity and Innovation, and Culture and Communication.