Web Time Entry

Electronic time entry must be completed by all employees other than regular academic faculty. Time records are submitted through my.utrgv.edu portal, PeopleSoft icon, “Time and Attendance”.

Hourly employees must submit time records on a semi-monthly basis.

• Hourly employees must record time in and time out as actually worked

Salaried employees are to submit time records on a monthly basis:

• Exempt employees must record absences
• Non-exempt employees must record time worked as well as absences

Faculty employees are to report sick absences at a minimum once per month using the Salaried timesheet

Supervisors are to approve timecards by the timecard deadlines

• Timecards are submitted to the supervisor on record in the employee’s assignment.


Timecards are available though the my.utrgv.edu portal > PeopleSoft > Time and Attendance

  • Employees will see their Timesheet on the Time and Attendance menu screen soon after an assignment is created/entered by the Office of Human Resources.
  • Timecards and assignments have a direct correlation. The timecard is created based on start and end date of the assignment as recorded by the Office of Human Resources in the PeopleSoft system. Timecards are accessible at the start date of the assignment.


HOURLY: Timecards are due to Payroll Office on the first working day following the pay period

  • Timecards must reach Payroll Office in approved status in order to process payment

SALARIED: Timecards due to Payroll Office on the first working day of each month following the pay period

  • Time records must reach Payroll Office in order to have accurate leave balances and for calculation of overtime pay where applicable.



New: Employee has not indicated any time worked on the Timesheet. An active assignment exists for period.

Saved: Employee had indicated hours in Timesheet, saved for later, but has not completed and submitted to timecard approver.

Submitted: Employee has created the timecard, reviewed, certified, and has submitted to the timecard approver.

• Action pending from Timecard approver.


Please contact us at payroll@utrgv.edu if any further assistance is required. 

Click here to access the Web Time Entry Training Material page.