2019-2020 Program Description and Submission Requirements

2019-2020 Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award Instructions

The materials for each nominee must be no longer than 75 pages and compiled as a single PDF document bearing the nominee’s last name and campus (e.g., Smith-UTARL.pdf). Note that nomination materials will not be returned.

The following evidence must be provided in the nomination packet with additional evidence included at the nominee’s discretion, organized as follows:

1. Cover page with the following information

  • Nominee’s name and title (ex: John Doe, Ph.D., Associate Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Professor)
  • Department
  • University
  • Summer contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and email address

2. Table of Contents

3. Teaching Portfolio

  • A statement of the nominee's teaching philosophy
  • The syllabi for three undergraduate courses taught in the last three years, and:
    • Examples of course materials from each course:
      • An example of assessments used to ascertain student attainment of learning outcomes from each course
      • An example of student engagement in learning from each course (such as active learning strategies, field experiences, service learning, learning communities, and/or undergraduate research)
  • A description and any relevant artifacts that illustrate the nominee's approach to continuous quality improvement of innovative course materials

 4. Letters of Support

  • Three letters of support from current or former undergraduate students. At least one letter should be from an undergraduate student taught in the last three years
  • Two letters of support from peer faculty who are familiar with the nominee's curriculum and teaching style
  • A letter of support from the department chair

 5. Supporting Materials

  • Student evaluations for each undergraduate course taught over the last three years. When applicable, results should be displayed in comparison to appropriate referent group (e.g., by college, department, or modality).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of teaching awards (if not listed in CV)
  • Evidence of academic-related interaction with undergraduate students beyond the classroom (if not adequately illustrated in other materials)