Minnie Stevens Piper Award

The Minnie Stevens Piper Award is sponsored annually by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation. It is awarded to 10 outstanding (full-time) teachers within the state of Texas. The emphasis of the award is teaching excellence, and the award carries a $5,000 honorarium and a gold commemorative pin.

UTRGV may nominate one member of its faculty to compete for this prestigious award.

Based on an established rubric, the Awards Committee will determine the three (3) most meritorious faculty members from among the nominations and completed applications. The faculty member with the highest rating will be the UTRGV nominee for the 2019 Minnie Stevens Piper Award. 

The nomination and selection process will proceed as follows:

Timeline for 2019-2020

Activity Deadline/Dates
Send Call for Nominations 9/13/2019
Nominations Due 9/25/2019 by Noon
Notification of Nominations By 9/30/2019
Support Materials from Nominees Due 10/14/2019 by Noon
Candidates Notified 11/1/2019

To nominate a colleague, simply complete the nomination form. (Form will be closed after nomination window has closed.)

Please inform any faculty members you are nominating ahead of time so they can start preparing their full application materials which are due at Noon on October 14, 2019. 

The full application materials will include: 

  • Part B of the Piper Professor Nomination;
  • a formal nomination letter, up to five (5) letters of support;
  • a current CV; and up to fifty (50) pages of supporting materials.

Additional details and the assessment rubric will be sent with the notification of nomination. 

Contact information: For questions or more information, please contact Drs. Selina V. Mireles (Academic Affairs) at selina.mireles@utrgv.edu and Shawn P. Saladin (Health Affairs) at shawn.saladin@utrgv.edu