Faculty Form

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty Travel Support Program. At this time, the program is on hold until further notice. 

Faculty Application Information

Required: Important - Clear your cache before completing the form Please  clear your browser cache and refresh the page before completing the form. 

Before proceeding, please read the full application guidelines.

Include evidence of all supporting documentation listed below, which is required to be uploaded as one single PDF document in the following order:

  1. Evidence of acceptance for presentation of a scholarly/research paper or artistic presentation is required and must accompany the application. If pending acceptance, please mark the "pending" box, let us know the estimated date of notification, and update our office via an email to FacultySuccess@utrgv.edu when you receive this information.
  2. Travel-related expenses (quotes, receipts, or screen shots, okay) for the categories listed below. You do not have to attach quotes for ground transportation (Taxi/Lyft/Uber services), meal per diem, and incidentals.
    1. Registration Fee
    2. Airfare
    3. Car rental
    4. Lodging

Once you click Submit, an email will be automatically generated and sent to your Department Chair/School Director. That email will contain a link directing your Chair/Director to complete his or her certification of your application. We encourage all applicants to inform their Department Chairs/School Directors in advance and to provide them with information about the activities for which you are seeking funding.

Breakdown of Costs

Indicate "NA" in the fields that are not applicable to your application. Reminder: Include evidence of all supporting documentation as noted above. Failure to include all required supporting documents will automatically disqualify you for consideration of funds.

(Note: UTRGV's meal per diem policy is $60 per day less any meals provided. The meal per diem breakdown is: Breakfast $14, Lunch $17, and Dinner $29.)