Student Course Evaluation

Summer I 2020 Mandatory Course Evaluation Period

Module 1 June 10-16
Module 2 August 5-11
Full Summer Semester June 29-July 6

Important Notes

  • Only Faculty can see students' written comments and responses to optional questions.
  • You may customize your course evaluations until the evaluation window opens, after which point no changes can be made.
  • Evaluations from any student who completed an evaluation and then dropped the course will be swept from the system and enrollment numbers adjusted after the drop deadline.
  • Evaluations may NOT be reset in any circumstance. Individual student surveys cannot be traced.

How-To Quick Guide

To access

Log-in to and click on the Course Evals icon.

To view your evaluation results

  1. Login to and click on the Course Evals icon.
  2. On the Course Evals dashboard, click on "Course Evaluation Reporting." Results are available appx. 19 days after grades are due.
  3. Use the "Term" pull-down menu to select a term.
  4. Click on the link in the "Course" column of your results to view results for that course.

How to download results in Excel Format

  1. From the Course Evaluation Reporting page, check the "Excel" box above the "Search" button.
  2. Optional: Select output options (e.g. "Show Min/Max/Median," "Show Comparative Averages").
  3. In "Output" pull-down menu, select format of report ("Course Summary" aggregates all courses; "Results by Course" lists each course separately).
  4. Click "Search."

How to download a printable version of your evaluations

  1. From the Course Evaluation Reporting page, click on the "Print Summary Reports" button beneath the list of classes.
  2. Optional: Check the "Hide text entry/Comments" box and/or the "Hide Instructor Supplied Questions" box.
  3. A new page will open with your printable results. Print from your web browser.

How to customize your evaluations

There are two steps to customizing evaluations: creating new questions and adding customized questions to the evaluation instrument. Once you have created questions, they are saved and may be added to any future evaluation.

To create new questions and add questions to your evaluation(s)

 Course Evals Optional Questions Reference Guide.pdf

To access previous course evaluation reports

  1. Login to and click on the Course Evals icon.
  2. Click on Course Evaluation Reporting.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select previous semesters and years. Click Search.

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